Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Goove Party with Coka Cola

Groove Party in China is having a co-promotion event rightnow
This will be on for awhile, maybe until the Beijing Olympics!
We'll give you the details very soon!!
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GE Launch Party in Malaysia and Philippines

Granado Espada had its grand launch party in Malaysia and Philippines on September 15th.
Many gamers and press were there to celebrate.
You can see more photos and stories about the actual spot at following blogs!!

Hellgate: London on NEW YORK TIMES

i know it's a little late sharing this, but here is the news!!
Hellgate: London was chosen as one of most anticipating games of the year by New York Times recently. (September 9th, 2007)
Deploying Soon, Shock and Rock
Published: September 9, 2007
FIRST things first: It will be nearly impossible to shop for video games this fall without wandering, willingly or not, into the Halo 3 zone. When the last version of Microsoft’s science fiction über-franchise was released three years ago, it generated more than $100 million in sales in its first 24 hours on the market. As the cornerstone title this year for the Xbox 360 console, Halo 3 has a chance to top that record when it is released on Sept. 25.
The only game that would have had a legitimate chance to match Halo 3 in either sales or hype would have been Grand Theft Auto IV, originally scheduled to be released in October. Last month, however, the game’s makers delayed its debut until next spring at the earliest.
But fear not. Even if your next virtual urban crime spree has to wait until 2008, there appears to be no dearth of excellent games that are not named Halo 3 headed to screens this fall. Here are some of them:
HELLGATE: LONDON There are single-player games (like Mass Effect). There are persistent online games (like Tabula Rasa). And then there is the hybrid action role-playing genre pioneered by the fabulously popular Diablo series. Many, many contenders have tried to exceed, or even just match, Diablo’s addictive combination of randomized levels, easy yet deep combat and, of course, “slot machine”-style loot, where every monster just might drop that superpowerful item you’ve been hoping for. All have failed to approach the polish of the Diablo series. Hellgate, on the other hand, just might, and not least because many of the game’s senior designers defected from Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo team to strike out on their own. Once again, this new game shuns fantasy themes for more of a science fiction feel (notice a trend here?). You can play offline, but the real depth in the game comes from joining friends in cyberspace. The demons have invaded London, and naturally your job is to clear them out. Publishers: Electronic Arts, HanbitSoft and Namco, for PC. To be released Oct. 31.
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Monday, September 17, 2007

TakeDown, in Shibuya !!

TakeDown: The First Mission
Invites Japanese Gamers to First Closed Beta Test

TakeDown Starts CBT in Japan from October 2nd

Seoul, Korea – September 18, 2007 – HanbitSoft announced that TakeDown: The First Mission(hereandafter TakeDown), the company’s new hit title, is having a opening ceremony today in Shibuya, Tokyo organized by Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (hereandafter HUE).

Introduced at the opening ceremony, TakeDown will be inviting 10thousand closed beta testers through its official website ( until September 26th, and begin its first closed beta from October 2nd to October 9th.

TakeDown has put much effort in localizing in order to satisfy the Japanese taste such as putting the voices together with the famous dubbing stars like Matsui Naoko and Wakamoto Norio. Matsui Naoko is famous for doing the voices in the ‘KONAN’ and Wakamoto Norio for ‘Dragon BallZ’. Also, TakeDown included a Japanese female character name Hoshino Iori, and a Shibuya map just for the Japanese gamers.

“FPS is bursting up as the most favored genre among gamers in Japan. By providing the right contents with high quality service, we expect TakeDown will boom up the FPS market even more in Japan.” said Jin Ho Song, executive vice-president of HUE.

TakeDown is first person shooting (FPS) game developed by well known FPS developer Kama Digital Entertainment. In this game, their well respected know-hows of PC FPS game developing experience is added to unique ideas of innovative visions for online game. TakeDown provides special weapons and weapon remodeling system that have not been found any other FPS games so far. One of the most eye-catching features of the game is localized maps, which the gamers can experience real sites of Korea.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Latest Screen Shots of GP China

You wanna see more?
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Groove Party Opens Public in CHINA

Groove Party Opens Public in China
Groove Party Captures China with Groovy Dance & Music

Seoul, Korea – September 13th, 2007 – HanbitSoft announced that Groove Party, an online hip-hop dance game, will be open to public in China today.

Renhe Information Technology Ltd., (Hereinafter Renhe), a publisher responsible for service of Groove Party in China, today released the play movie and main features of the latest version through Chinese official website for Groove Party (

Groove Party is an online B-boy dance game with unique, easy control system and unique characters. Now HanbitSoft and Renhe are ready to excite the Chinese gamers with the Groove Party’s native features; Rhythmic dance and music.

Groove Party has already gained popularity among the gamers during its closed beta test last June. It is still maintaining its top rank as one of the most anticipating online game of the year in China.

HanbitSoft announced that the company would release Groove Party’s open beta schedule for Korea very shortly, but for now, the open beta in China will be the top priority for the company.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


International Contents Creater's Convention,
Announces Korean Game Power 25
International Contents Creater's Convention(ICON2007) announced Korean game power 25 to distinguish the most influencial figures of Korean game industry in each areas. Kwon Jun Mo, CEO of NEXON took the honor of being the first place and honor of being the second place went to the star developer Kim Hak Kyu, CEO of imcGAMES.
Alex Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, took second place as most influencial CEO and 7th place in total. Sudden Attack's Baek Seung Hun took 8th, Ryu Jun and Park Young Hyun ranked 9th and 10th for Lineage2. (...)
ICON2007 is held for the first time this year in Pusan from September 13th to September 14th. This research was participated by total of 135 people, mainly asked to professional game journalists and academics.
Retreived from Ilgan Sports (Yahoo Media)
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POPOMING! The New Casual RPG

PoPoMing : HanbitSoft presents its new casual RPG

HanbitSoft announced today that the company is launching a new title called Popoming, targeting the young gamers. Popoming has already passed the rating process, received ‘for all ages’, and is now set to start off its closed beta test.

Popoming is a cheerful, playful casual RPG that set in the world of Bugi Bugi Island. The natives protecting the island from the evil Dr. Frank is the main story of the game.

For now, there are three main characters. Wizzard ‘Ara’, elf ‘Chiro’, transforming robot ‘Roy’. Each character can evolve in five stages and turn into 75 different types in total.

Popoming will introduce various topics that youngsters will enjoy, and use pillows and dolls instead of knives and axes to get rid of in-game violence.

HanbitSoft announced that the company will open official website for Popoming and invite gamers for its closed beta test very soon.
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TakeDown on The Games

TakeDown: The First Mission was recently introduced in , one of korean game weeklynews.
Here, the journalist competes against the best shooter in game and learn his know hows about the game.
TakeDown is an online FPS introduced by HanbitSoft, and currently in open beta service.
It will be introduced in Japan this fall.
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Mythos Party in HanbitOn!!

HanbitSoft Opens Official Community Site for Mythos in HanbitOn
Mythos sets basis for open public in Korea

Seoul, Korea – September 12, 2007 – HanbitSoft announced that the official Party(community site) for Mythos is opened in HanbitOn, the company’s official community portal site.

Party is the term used only in HanbitOn for community space. HanbitSoft games are introduced through HanbitOn Party before opening their official websites to communicate with the gamers ahead. Mythos Party will provide latest contents such as play movies and screen shots for gamers who are waiting for Mythos to open.

HanbitOn also prepared an event to celebrate the opening of Mythos Party. To those who participate the special quiz event, HanbitOn will provide the gamers invitations for closed beta accounts and headsets as gifts.

Mythos is an online MMORPG developed by Flagship Seattle, the subsidiary of Flagship Studios. It is counted as the most anticipated online game of the year along with Hellgate: London.

HanbitOn is a community portal site serviced by HanbitSoft. HanbitOn provides various game contents such as blogs & party systems for community spaces, game news & search engine for information and online real time broadcasting system for active UCC. HanbitOn has more than 8milion members who actively participate and play HanbitSoft games.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

GE updated for Chinese gamers!!

GRANADO ESPADA has been upgraded especially for Chinese gamers

imcGAMES has upgraded GE especially for Chinese gamers in two ways.

1. They have upgraded MCC system for better community system. In GE China, the gamers will be able to create two characters instead of three, with time limit. After the time limit, gamers can only play with one character.

2. Subscribtion system will be changed too. Gamers will be able to play the game for free until certain amount of time, and after they pass the limit, they will be paying for the rest of the time play. This is to prevent the auto play that had been frequently occuring in China.

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HGLD, Simultaneous Strategy Gameplay


Reported by the Korean press, it is known that Hellgate: London has RTS mode in game. You can experience RTS mode by accomplishing the mission at Embankment Redoubt(area in one of the maps in game). Through RTS mode, you gamers can control not only their own character, but also five other characters. Those gamers who do not like RTS mode can transfer it into normal mode and play as they prefer. They can also experience various missions and others that cannot be seen in other modes. It is known that Hellgate's first closed beta for Korea will be held in September.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Groove Party Manual Movie!!

TakeDown: The First Mission NOW in JAPAN

Here is another news on TakeDown: The First Mission, HanbitSoft's new hit FPS title.

It will be in service this FALL in JAPAN!!

Online-Station(Thai) and 4-gamer(JP) wrote about the news!

Check it out!^^

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

HGLD voice chat through X-fire!!


MTV Networks’ Xfire Empowers PC Game Players To Quickly and Easily
Find Friends and Chat Online

HellGate: London is the First Title Release to Include Xfire’s In-Game
Voice Chat Capabilities

Xfire, eight million users strong and a division of Viacom Inc.’s (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B) MTV Networks, today announced the inclusion of their proprietary voice chat functionality in Flagship Studios’ highly anticipated upcoming PC title, HellGate: London. Using Xfire’s peer-to-peer communication system, gamers have the ability to chat with fellow gamers without needing to manage a standalone voice server. Additionally, online game players will be able to log in to Xfire from within HellGate: London, enabling them to easily add their friends and other HellGate: London gamers into an Xfire voice chat room where they can chat as they play. Xfire supports more than 800 of the most popular games worldwide
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GE in Taiwan!!


GE started its OBT in Taiwan last week.
With 7worlds, total 20thousand PCCU was estimated the first day.
It is now have beaten WOW in rank, stepping up to first place!!
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Mythos on Korean Economy Times

Mythos! Max interview on Korean Economy Times both on&off lines!!
Mythos, the Mysterious Experience in the world of Uld
-Could you tell us a brief introduction about Mythos? Or a short version of its background story.

Mythos is a casual Action-RPG very much in the spirit of Diablo – but it is played entirely online, and is free to play! Mythos is set in the mythical land of Uld, where players will meet and join others for adventures in randomly generated dungeons and wilderness areas. We hope to bring players an enormous amount of content, fast-action play, and an enjoyable experience playing with friends new and old. We also hope to bring you a unique feel, with classes and races you haven’t seen before in online games.
-Compared to Hellgate: London, what are the merits of Mythos?
Mythos is a very casual Action RPG – one that is designed so that you can pick up and play for 15 minutes or a half an hour, and is free to enjoy. After a long and exciting session of Hellgate: London, we hope that players will enjoy Mythos as a nice break, or for quick games after dinner. It is also a more classic format, one that can be played with entirely one hand, and may be more accessible to some casual users.
-Do you have any game philosophy of your own? What is your most priority in developing games?
My personal game philosophy is that the player’s time is precious, and that you should be receiving the maximum amount of enjoyment possible for each moment played. I am generally opposed to activities that waste the player’s time simply to extend the gameplay with boring or repetitive tasks. The most exciting portion of the game should be the portion you are doing the most often!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Korean BIG3?

온라인 게임 기대작 빅3 '가을 전쟁'
'헬게이트: 런던' vs '아이온' vs '헉슬리'

온라인 게임 시장에 '가을 전쟁'이 시작됐다. 최근 내로라하는 게임 업체들이 저마다 대작 타이틀을 공개했다. 유저들로부터 가장 큰 기대를 모으고 있는 빅3는 한빛소프트의 '헬게이트: 런던'·엔씨소프트의 '아이온' ·웹젠의 '헉슬리'다.
Online Game Big3
Hellgate: London vs Aion vs Huxley
This fall in Korea, don't miss the war among the BIG3, most anticipated online games. Biggest game publishers have announced their Hit titles. One of most anticipated by the gamers is called the BIG3, and they are Hellgate:London(HanbitSoft), Aion(NCsoft), and Huxley(Webzen).
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GE Opens in China!!

The9 announced that Granado Espada, produced by Hak Kyu Kim; one of top developers in Korea, is starting its open beta on September 1st. 63% of the gamers who receieved the news at, were very excited.
If you want to see the original article(070831):