Sunday, October 26, 2008


POPOMING starts over with new name "STARCRASH"

Do you remember a fruity jucy colorful game POPOMING?

This colorful action RPG had finished its 4th closed beta tests and several internal tests during the past two years, and now announces that it's ready for release.

Before the release, the game has changed its name into Starcrash which shows more about the game. (The chacter has to punch and crash the color boxes of stars to transform into different color bodies which have different skills and abilities)

Anyway, Starcrash is ready to rock now. It is preparing new contents before open beta comming soon, and has already opened a new official website. I will let you know the updates as soon as they're ready. ^^


Granado Espada Announced a new version GE 3.1

GE brought up a new sensation to the core GE fans with 3.0 version update last August, revealing high level contents in two and a half years. This very recent version is quite different from the last one. This update focused on contents for light players who don't have much time to sit for MMORPG. The ideas were adopted by the requests from the players, which concentrates on "convenience" than "entertainment" features.

The main update is the "GEMOCON", the web control system which stands for "GE Remote Control". This is a system that will let you check how your character is doing, whether it's dead, or doing hunting while you're out. You can do it everywhere, where there is internet. You can also chat with other players through this system which will allow you to strengthen your community activity online.

HanbitSoft Gains HGLD & Mythos IP

Hellgate and Mythos Both in HanbitSofts Hands

HanbitSoft now owns both Hellgate: London, online action RPG and Mythos, casual MMORPG, once used to be developed by Flagship Studios. HanbitSoft now acquires IP (Intellectual Property) including the engines and source codes of both well made titles.

This means that HanbitSoft is now the owner of all the titles that Flagship Studios had been working on, and both titles will be developed in newly established studio in the U.S. HanbitSoft expects that full possession of these titles will not only bring them larger portion of the earnings but also upgrade the quality of contents fit for online games.

HanbitSoft had constantly tried to gain the IP of two titles after Flagship Studios shutdown. The company announced recently that the regarding issues are now all settled, and only thing left is to focus on developing the titles the best way possible.

“Hellgate: London is now HanbitSoft’s game, and we have already formed a team. They are doing hard work for updates and patches. Service in Asia including Korea is in good hands” said Gi-Young Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “I believe Mythos is a very attractive MMORPG, just gaining large fans from couple of beta tests. It has a lot of potential and it will also be developed at studio in San Francisco with Hellgate: London. Both titles will be presented soon with upgraded features.”