Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CAMON HERO's Card Book!

CAMON HERO Introduces Fascinating Card Book System
Seoul, Korea – April 8th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that CAMON HERO, a highly anticipated online Card Collection MMORPG developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., introduced its Card Book System yesterday, which will bring the true excitement of collecting cards.
Card Book is a place where players can store their cards. However it also brings excitement of competing others with its unique Card Book Points for rank and rare items. Gamers can put 100 cards in one Card Book in one season, and they will be given points according to their collection. By collection, it means the number and rarity the collected cards have. The rank will be set by the Card Book Points. Ranking gets updated every 4:00am, so gamers will be able to see how they did last night, and how their ranking improved. Players can also see the Card Books of other players, and compete with strategy. After season is over, the one player who ranked in first place will be awarded with various rare items, and those who completed the Card Book with 100 cards will be given other compensations.

Players can also purchase unique items with the Card Book Points. Those items are also introduced in recent update. Players will meet with swimsuit items for both male and female characters, various Solider Cards that you cannot find with game-play.

For more information, visit CAMON HERO’s Korean official website at http://camon.hanbiton.com, or contact Janelle HA at hBonkiE@hanbitsoft.co.kr.