Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Groove Party Opens Public in CHINA

Groove Party Opens Public in China
Groove Party Captures China with Groovy Dance & Music

Seoul, Korea – September 13th, 2007 – HanbitSoft announced that Groove Party, an online hip-hop dance game, will be open to public in China today.

Renhe Information Technology Ltd., (Hereinafter Renhe), a publisher responsible for service of Groove Party in China, today released the play movie and main features of the latest version through Chinese official website for Groove Party (

Groove Party is an online B-boy dance game with unique, easy control system and unique characters. Now HanbitSoft and Renhe are ready to excite the Chinese gamers with the Groove Party’s native features; Rhythmic dance and music.

Groove Party has already gained popularity among the gamers during its closed beta test last June. It is still maintaining its top rank as one of the most anticipating online game of the year in China.

HanbitSoft announced that the company would release Groove Party’s open beta schedule for Korea very shortly, but for now, the open beta in China will be the top priority for the company.

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