Wednesday, October 17, 2007

NeoSteam in China!


NeoSteam's Expansion package release is coming up. Before the release NeoSteam is having an event until October 19th. Premium items are provided to those who collects most points in each server.

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GE interview at Launch Party China

Granado Espada's OBT in China

Granado Espada had its lauch party in China last week, and announced that OBT for GE in China will start from October 24th.

Well known developer Hak- Kyu Kim showed up at the party to celebrate together.
At the interview with, Kim mentioned that he's satisfied with GE's OBT in China. He had launched GE in many other countries before China, and the game has been updated ever since.

"Many gamers are showing positive feedbacks, and I think this OBT is very successful." said Kim. "We are planning on releasing the expansion package, and it will be focused on communication systems."

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Groove Party OBT 1.5 in China

According to, GROOVE PARTY's Open Beta version 1.5 has smaller client size than the last version. The new client is 1.12G, and you can download now. SunShine, is also having an event to celebrate. For those who participate, SunShine provides 5000 game money, 21 new songs, and DJ. For more details, visit
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Hellgate: London NEWS


Seoul, Korea (October 18, 2007) – HanbitSoft today announced that Hellgate: London( has gone to gold master and will be available exclusively for the PC on October 31st in North America.

“This has been an amazing journey for us and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished,” said Flagship Studios CEO, Bill Roper. “We’re anxious to get Hellgate: London into gamers’ hands and we can’t wait to play right along with them.”

For gamers who can’t wait until Halloween, Flagship Studios is releasing a single player demo this Friday, October 19th. The single player demo is just for a small taste of the Hellgate: London experience. Gamers can choose from two of the six character classes and experience the streets and tunnels around London’s Holborn Station.

Flagship Studios also made announcement of collectors edition, which includes the entire Hellgate: London comics series by Dark Horse Comics. The Hellgate: London Collectors Edition will be released on October 31, 2007, in conjunction with the release date of the game. In addition to the Hellgate: London game and the exclusive, special edition, 104 page Hellgate: London graphic novel, the collectors set will also include a bonus DVD of The Making of Hellgate: London, as well as the game soundtrack, and a special Hellgate: London world map.

HanbitSoft has also announced that Hellgate: London’s Korean version of limited edition will be released very soon. Before then, Korean gamers can experience Hellgate: London on October 20th and 21st. HanbitSoft is operating a test to check on exterior interface surroundings before going into second Closed Beta Test. Only selected testers from the last Closed Beta Test can participate on this test, and they will be experiencing ACT2, the unrevealed part of Hellgate’s storyline.