Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GRAND MER Teaser Movie

Check out the teaser movie of GRAND MER.

This game just opened its official website in Korea.


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Check out our new online trolling game

HanbitSoft Announces World’s First Online Trolling Game GRAND MER

Seoul, Korea – April 1st, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced the new title GRAND MER, world’s first online trolling game developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., and released artworks for the first time. Official website (http://gm.hanbiton.com) also opened yesterday.

According to HanbitSoft, GRAND MER, in French, means Large Sea. GRAND MER will bring about the fantastic world of trolling; a highly energetic sport that requires speed and power, into 3D online game. The game concentrated embodying the unique sense of fishing into online, which is the essence of fishing. For this, developers are currently working on making a fishing controller that will heat up the pleasure of fishing.

Gamers who don’t have any trolling or even general fishing experience can easily play the game. The game provides system that anyone who doesn’t have any knowledge of fishing can enjoy with simple control. Gamers will meet with grand fish that actually exist such as sharks, spearfish, giant blue fin tuna and more. From normal ones to futuristic ones, players can play with various kinds of boats and equipments, and experience the excitement of trolling as if they are out at the sea.

HanbitSoft also released exquisite art works, screen shots and teaser movie for the first time. Images show visual of six individual characters and the lively created oceans. From the images, gamers will be able to grasp the general concept of GRAND MER.

“GRAND MER is developed by masters of fishing games who have been working on only fishing games for almost 10 years. With their extraordinary record and passion, development is going very well, and we expect to release the game very soon” said Yoora Kim, CMO of HanbitSoft, and added, “We will put best efforts to bring out GRAND MER soon with distinctive visuals and dynamic thrill of trolling all together.”

GRAND MER is developed by T3 Entertainment, a team of veterans who made VIRTUAL DEEP SEA FISHING, a great hit fishing game, which was also published in the U.S in 1998.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


CAMON HERO’s OBT is Doing Great!
HanbitSoft had to Expanded 10 channels 2hours After Open

Seoul, Korea – March 26th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. today announced that CAMON HERO, an highly anticipated online Card Collection MMORPG developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., had a great start in its open beta service on March 24th, and that it is quietly drawing gamers’ attention.

CAMON HERO had attracted gamers with its rather peculiar concept as ‘Card Collection MMORPG’ since Gstar. According to HanbitSoft, CAMON HERO had to expand seven channels in an hour after it had begun its Open Beta Service because of the sudden crowding. In first two hours, HanbitSoft added more channels and operated with 10 channels to manage continuously increasing gamers’ access.

Players who joined in CAMON HERO’s open beta started posting positive responses on its official website, such as “It is more fun than I expected. It’s a well made game”, “CAMON HERO is juicy and speedy!” and “Entertaining! Especially collecting cards!”

“Despite the unfavorable condition, we are very excited to see gamers come constantly and leave with satisfaction. Because March is known as slack season in online game industry and CAMON HERO stuck to its plan to open during the weekday at day time, we are very satisfied about the current status. It is so much more than we had expected especially when we didn’t really do any particular marketing activities” said Yoora Kim, CMO of HanbitSoft, and added “more and more new players are joining the game, and we are preparing a new server for them. We are very thankful to those gamers who kept their royalty and waited for CAMON HERO’s open.”

After its final test in November last year, CAMON HERO quietly went through an extensive modification, and improved its quality by running number of Focus Group Tests. With its come back, CAMON HERO is now tempting the gamers with its familiar systems and a bulk of fresh and new contents.

For more information, visit CAMON HERO’s official website in Korea at
http://camon.hanbiton.com, or contact Janelle HA at hBonkiE@hanbitsoft.co.kr.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


HanbitSoft Releases CAMON HERO OBT Details

HanbitSoft Inc. today released details of CAMON HERO, an highly anticipated online Card Collection MMORPG developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., which will begin open beta test on March 24th. From March 24th, players will be able to meet with CAMON HERO’s unique systems that are combined with card and RPG features.

CAMON HERO’s character advancement system is not much different from other MMORPGs except after when the character is advanced, players will be able to experience strategic game-plays through interplay among characters and warriors of various roles. For players who play CAMON HERO for the first time, they all begin venturing the world as ‘adventurers’. And after awhile, characters are encouraged to advance into ‘heroes’ by rebirth and occupation change. At level 10, players choose character’s combat type through Rebirth System which there is three types choose from; physical, magical and summoning. At level 30, players will face ‘Secondary Occupation Change Stage’, where they get to choose another type from fighter, magician, and summoner. By choosing types that most fit their play style, players can make their character specialized in one unique characteristic or develop as hybrid shape as they uniquely create their own characters.

Uniquely created characters will explore the adventure with the warriors which are summoned by various cards. Warriors, players’ comrades, have various roles. ‘Warrior Private Warrior’ increases warrior’s skill rates, ‘Hero Private Warrior’ increases character’s skill rates, ‘Tanker’ takes monsters attacks instead of character, ‘Dealer’ attacks on behalf of character, ‘Healer’ heals character and warriors, and lastly, ‘Buffer’ give strengthening effects to both character and warriors. Players are encouraged to have a thorough knowledge of their characters’ qualities so that they would come up with good strategy of when to use what cards to summon which warriors that most likely be suitable for their characters.
In game BBS (Bulletin Board System) is another feature CAMON HERO is proud of. In BBS, players are able to choose various battle modes, by whichever game play styles they like. So far, there are three modes; Annihilation Battle Mode, Person to Person Battle Mode and Boss Battle Mode. In Annihilation Battle Mode, players have to kill the monsters in given amount of time, and in Person to Person Battle Mode, player who survives from the battle between the players wins. Each mode drops different item and cards, that in order to win various kinds of rare items and cards, players are encouraged to play in all modes and enjoy the fun of collecting the goods.

For more information, visit official website at http://camon.hanbiton.com/, or contact Janelle N.E HA at hBonkiE@hanbitsoft.co.kr.

Monday, March 16, 2009

CAMON HERO Starts Open Beta Test on March 24th

Seoul, Korea – March 17th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that CAMON HERO, an Online Card Collection MMORPG developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., is starting open beta service in Korea on March 24th.
CAMON HERO is a MMORPG for light gamers especially who are tired of playing same, ordinary MMORPGs. CAMON HERO presents unique system combined by card and RPG features that anyone who are interested in online games can easily learn and enjoy. From the beginning to the end, the game focuses on cards, since each feature is both directly and indirectly related to card system. Players are encouraged to use various cards for summoning warriors and activating skills, and adventure the world of ‘Continent of Aria’ with their characters.

On March 24, CAMON HERO will offer full of entertainment with strengthened card features. Players may experience strategic game-plays through summoning and combining various warriors of different roles, and using cooperation of character and warriors. There will also be a new tutorial that introduces scenario and control system of the game to let the players feel comfortable to learn and play.

“HanbitSoft’s three out of five games that have been shown in last year’s Gstar are now in commercial service and they are in good shape” said Yoora Kim, CMO of HanbitSoft, and added, “we expect CAMON HERO to be the next success. We have put a lot of efforts to strengthen the core features and upgrade the quality since Gstar, I hope Korean gamers will enjoy it.”

HanbitSoft added that CAMON HERO’s friendly graphic images and simply unique Card System have captured foreign buyers’ interests, and the company has been receiving many inquiries recently that oversea expansion will precede fairly fast.
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HGLD 1.5 Patch NEWS #1

Another news on Hellgate: London. There will be 1.5 Patch in Korea pretty soon (not sure when), since HanbitSoft decided to reveal the details through its Korean Hellgate official website every week. Each week, there will be introductions on details of upcomming changes. I received many mails and posts concerning the last I left here on the blog, HanbitSoft's standpoint stays the same for now.
HanbitSoft is interested in providing the game in the US and Europe, but we are unable to do so at this time, due to the fact that Namco Bandai has the publishing rights for those region. HanbitSoft is currently doing best to make the game better. Thanks, and enjoy the news^^
HanbitSoft Reveals 1.5 Patch Details of Hellgate: London
Seoul, Korea – March 16th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that the company is revealing 1.5 patch details of Hellgate: London, an online action RPG developed by Redbana US Studio, every week through the game’s Korean official website. HanbitSoft and developers in Redbana has been preparing 1.5 patch since last year, as soon as the developing crew had been formed. It is planned to be an extensive update to reinforce Hellgate’s reputation. HanbitSoft announcing that the company will be posting the patch details in weekly basis suggests that the update date is getting close.
HanbitSoft posted the general introduction of 1.5 patch on March 6th through Hellgate’s official website, and mentioned that there will be Mode Merger, Consignment House, and various kinds of PvP features, etc. On March 13th, the company revealed parts of the patch contents in details: Mode Merger, Achievement Reward System, Instance Swtiching and Item Linking.

After 1.5 patch, all modes will be merged. In current Hellgate, players play either in Normal Mode or Elite Mode, but later on, the two modes will be combined and all players will be playing the game together. Players who are playing in Elite Mode will be able to keep the Elite mark next to their names, and granted with special titles.

Achievement Reward System is a system that rewards the players who accomplish the challenge achievements, with ‘- + To all attributes’, ‘Health injectors’ and etc. Instance Switching will also be added for easier channel shift. Instance Switching is designed with simple User Interface, so that any player can easily transfer to the place where the player he wants to play with is. Ultimately, it will also strengthen the community by providing convenient system for more active interactions between players. With Item Linking, players can link their items to chatting window, and show off their luxury items. It will make the item trade a lot easier.

HanbitSoft will be revealing more details on rest of 1.5 patch contents step by step every week through Hellgate’s Korean official website.

*** HanbitSoft has any and all rights to distribute and service Hellgate:London in South Korea and certain part of Asia excluding Japan. ***

Thursday, March 5, 2009

NEO STEAM oversea

Seoul, Korea – February 24, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced that Neo Steam, a MMORPG with the unique genre of steampunk developed by JoyImpact, will be published by Atlus Online for players in North America, South America, and anywhere else in the world, except Europe.

“It’s always overwhelming to see our games go overseas to meet new gamers around the world” said Kee Young Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft Inc. and G10 Entertainment Corp., and added “Neo Steam has many unique qualities that MMO players out there will love. HanbitSoft and Atlus Online will make best effort to bring out the best service for them.”

“With an engaging, steampunk-inspired storyline and aesthetic, Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is a fresh take on the standard ‘fantasy’ MMO game genre,” said Shinichi Suzuki, president and CEO, Atlus. “Atlus Online is excited to bring this popular game in its new incarnation to a wide range of players around the world. Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent is a great first entertainment experience to lay the foundation of the unparalleled content and unmatched social interaction planned for the Atlus Online portal.”

Set in the world of 19th century where steam-based technology meets fantasy inventions, Neo Steam delivers players to a world where two nations battle over a precious resource called Neo Steam. As players battle to expand their nation’s resources and protect their territories, they must learn to upgrade their weapons, equip new abilities, and become a good controller.
By exploring Neo Steam’s steampunk fantasy world, the game also features various forms of steam-based machines and vehicles for faster in-game traveling.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Korean Hellgate: London Fans Welcome the Recent Update

Hi, Hellgate: London fans^^
Hellgate: London recently had an update in Korea, and Korean fans are loving it!
Just to be accurate, the update news mentioned below is only related to Hellgate: London serviced in Korea. HanbitSoft do not hold the publishing right in the US or Europe for Hellgate: London, therefore I am not authorized to respond to gamers in those territories. I know there are many fans who are from US and Europe, who have many Hellgate inquiries. You guys should contact the person in charge at Namco directly, you should be able to get the answers from them.

Sorry about the long intro, enjoy the news!!

Seoul, Korea – March 4th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc announced that Korean gamers are welcoming the recent updates of Hellgate: London, an online action RPG developed by Redbana US Studio.

HanbitSoft announced 1.35b patch notes through the official webpage on February 17th, and updated the game on February 24th. The specifics of 1.35b update are as follows.

· One-time ‘Unique Skill Retrainer’ is awarded to all characters of all accounts that login within a specific award event interval.
· Moloch now has a small chance to drop a Lesser Seal from each Invasion Act when he dies.
· Any Champion monster that has a chance of dropping a Lesser Seal now has an additional chance to drop a second Lesser Seal of the same Act.

Gamers who are pleased about the current updates are constantly posting messages on the game’s Korean official website, complementing on the quality and encouraged about having more such updates. According to HanbitSoft, the reason the gamers are so pleased about the recent update is that the company had tried to develop new contents by embracing the gamers’ needs and listening to what they are asking for.

“Hellgate: London is currently in good shape, strengthening online features, and most of the ideas come from gamers’ suggestions. I guess that’s why gamers are more pleased with the current changes” said Yoo-Ra Kim, Chief Marketing Officer of HanbitSoft, and added “we want to thank all the gamers who have been supportive. In return, we will do our best to bring out the upgraded Hellgate: London very soon.”

Hellgate: London is currently preparing for the next update for the 1.5 version, which will be open to public in Korea very soon.

***HanbitSoft has any and all rights to distribute and service Hellgate:London in South Korea and certain part of Asia excluding Japan.***