Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hellgate: London on NEW YORK TIMES

i know it's a little late sharing this, but here is the news!!
Hellgate: London was chosen as one of most anticipating games of the year by New York Times recently. (September 9th, 2007)
Deploying Soon, Shock and Rock
Published: September 9, 2007
FIRST things first: It will be nearly impossible to shop for video games this fall without wandering, willingly or not, into the Halo 3 zone. When the last version of Microsoft’s science fiction über-franchise was released three years ago, it generated more than $100 million in sales in its first 24 hours on the market. As the cornerstone title this year for the Xbox 360 console, Halo 3 has a chance to top that record when it is released on Sept. 25.
The only game that would have had a legitimate chance to match Halo 3 in either sales or hype would have been Grand Theft Auto IV, originally scheduled to be released in October. Last month, however, the game’s makers delayed its debut until next spring at the earliest.
But fear not. Even if your next virtual urban crime spree has to wait until 2008, there appears to be no dearth of excellent games that are not named Halo 3 headed to screens this fall. Here are some of them:
HELLGATE: LONDON There are single-player games (like Mass Effect). There are persistent online games (like Tabula Rasa). And then there is the hybrid action role-playing genre pioneered by the fabulously popular Diablo series. Many, many contenders have tried to exceed, or even just match, Diablo’s addictive combination of randomized levels, easy yet deep combat and, of course, “slot machine”-style loot, where every monster just might drop that superpowerful item you’ve been hoping for. All have failed to approach the polish of the Diablo series. Hellgate, on the other hand, just might, and not least because many of the game’s senior designers defected from Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo team to strike out on their own. Once again, this new game shuns fantasy themes for more of a science fiction feel (notice a trend here?). You can play offline, but the real depth in the game comes from joining friends in cyberspace. The demons have invaded London, and naturally your job is to clear them out. Publishers: Electronic Arts, HanbitSoft and Namco, for PC. To be released Oct. 31.
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