Tuesday, May 6, 2008


AIKA ONLINE has recently introduced new character called 'Dual Gunner'
During the first closed beta test, AIKA ONLINE revealed three characters out of six, and promised to introduce them in its next test. The next closed beta test expected very soon, AIKA ONLINE revealed 'Dual Gunner'. Dual Gunner is especially good with guns as you can see from its name. They are fast and furious.
AIKA ONLINE is expecting its second closed beta test during May, and players will be able to exprience all six characters then.

Invitation to GE 3.0

GE announced its road map for 3.0 version on April 15th.
Hakkyu Kim says "3.0 is not about major updates. It's more about how to make the UI more convinient for gamers, and trying new things."

In GE3.0, gamers are invited to the Third Civilization where a whole different area with new monsters and items appear. There is also a new currency system called FESO. This will allow gamers to get cash items without spending any cash. There also will be updates on pet system, scret guard system and etc.

For more information, please hold on to our next update news!



Check out Mythos' ZONE3.

Zone3 introduces the Umbral Peaks and the towns of Mistglade and Arcled. There are quest contents that allow players to progress up to level30, and many more new features. New features include the introduction of a new character race, the Cyclops, crafting system, in-game mail, socketable armor and trinkets and stat bonuses for skill tier investment. Also, players can participate in PvP dueling for the first time, with the unveiling of a dedicated PvP world the Shadowlands.