Tuesday, September 11, 2007


International Contents Creater's Convention,
Announces Korean Game Power 25
International Contents Creater's Convention(ICON2007) announced Korean game power 25 to distinguish the most influencial figures of Korean game industry in each areas. Kwon Jun Mo, CEO of NEXON took the honor of being the first place and honor of being the second place went to the star developer Kim Hak Kyu, CEO of imcGAMES.
Alex Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, took second place as most influencial CEO and 7th place in total. Sudden Attack's Baek Seung Hun took 8th, Ryu Jun and Park Young Hyun ranked 9th and 10th for Lineage2. (...)
ICON2007 is held for the first time this year in Pusan from September 13th to September 14th. This research was participated by total of 135 people, mainly asked to professional game journalists and academics.
Retreived from Ilgan Sports (Yahoo Media)
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