Monday, July 23, 2007

at dinner

Who are you talking to David! Talking David, Ivan and me

At dinner

Kaiser, Dave and Derek

Nice Dinner

WE had a nice Mexican dinner together. The whole filming crew and myself with Tricia, David, Dave, Kaiser, Ivan, and Derek ^^

FSS building

It's me and the SBS film staff infront of the Flagship Studio builing.


This is where FSS staff have their snacks, lunch and chats. It has many many drinks and goodies ^^

PR wall

This is the PR wall. It has all the covers that Hellgate had been on.

FSS office

At the office of FSS. Not too bright, and not too dark. Quiet but friendly atmosphere.
I liked it a lot.

The BG sound effects

This is where they work on the BG sound effects. They showed us some cool stuff. Bill even performed the voice of one of NPCs appears in the game! It was really awesome!!