Tuesday, September 11, 2007

POPOMING! The New Casual RPG

PoPoMing : HanbitSoft presents its new casual RPG

HanbitSoft announced today that the company is launching a new title called Popoming, targeting the young gamers. Popoming has already passed the rating process, received ‘for all ages’, and is now set to start off its closed beta test.

Popoming is a cheerful, playful casual RPG that set in the world of Bugi Bugi Island. The natives protecting the island from the evil Dr. Frank is the main story of the game.

For now, there are three main characters. Wizzard ‘Ara’, elf ‘Chiro’, transforming robot ‘Roy’. Each character can evolve in five stages and turn into 75 different types in total.

Popoming will introduce various topics that youngsters will enjoy, and use pillows and dolls instead of knives and axes to get rid of in-game violence.

HanbitSoft announced that the company will open official website for Popoming and invite gamers for its closed beta test very soon.
If you want to visit the official website, visit www.popoming.com

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