Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodbye for now

Hi everyone, this is Janelle.
This post will probably be the last one written by me because I'm leaving HanbitSoft as of this Friday. I am very sorry I wasn't so much of an active blogger, and also thank you guys for comming by to check out our news.
It was truly amazing to meet you from all around the world, and share the love for the games.
Although I'm leaving, Game Espresso will be here as always.
So please stop by from time to time!!
And if you have any questions about HanbitSoft, Hellgate, Mythos and more,
please contact PR manager B.K Yoon(fortune@hanbitsoft.co.kr) or Jisu Kim(jadusalgu@hanbitsoft.co.kr). They will be the messengers from now on. ^^
I wish you all well and happy new year!
Thanks again for your loving supports and great interests in our games.