Thursday, July 24, 2008

HanbitSoft Signs World Wide Publishing Rights Contract of ‘WarCry’, New Fantasy FPS Blockbuster Developed by T3 Entertainment

Seoul Korea, July 24 2008 – HanbitSoft announced today that the company has acquired worldwide publishing rights of WarCry, the new fantasy FPS blockbuster developed by T3 Entertainment.

WarCry is an online Third person Shooting Game(TSG), based on a fantasy world. Players can choose a class out of twelve heroes, and experience fierce battle with sixteen other players in various maps. Players can not only enjoy the battles between the other fighters, but also explore the thrill of Real Time Strategy(RTS) and shooting game plays. According to HanbitSoft, WarCry is expected to be open to public during this third quarter through HanbitOn, the company’s game community portal site.

“WarCry represents our motto, which is to develop fun and new game each and every time” said Ki Young Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “We believe WarCry has great potential in both domestic and international market”

HanbitSoft announced that additional games that are being developed by T3 will also be published by HanbitSoft in the future.

HanbitSoft secures global license of ‘Audition2’ and ‘Camon Hero’

HanbitSoft announced it made contract with T3 entertainment for securing global license of ‘Audition2’ and ‘Camon Hero’ on July 17th. With this contract, HanbitSoft holds global license excluding some areas already contracted with Yedang Online. It also secured world-wide license of ‘Camon Hero’, except for two areas of China and Taiwan, that already been exported to by T3.

Kim Ki-Young, CEO of HanbitSoft said, “These two games show proven game quality through previous export contract and now we can expect additional revenue by exposing games to 8 million HanbitOn( users and starting new service in other overseas market.” He also added, “This contract is the first step of the sequential synergy coming upon the unification of HanbitSoft and T3 Entertainment.”

‘Audition2‘ is receiving high attention of market for it advanced the compatibility between online game and web community to the upper level more like ‘Social Network Service’. The prior title, Audition1 recorded over 350 billion won accumulated revenue and Audition2 is expected to show greater success under this assumption. HanbitOn will start Audition2 channeling service within the 3rd quarter of this year.

‘Camon Hero’ is a unique game title combining role playing type and real time simulation type. It shows differentiated card system and is going to provide domestic service within the 3rd quarter. It is also being prepared for local service in China and Taiwan.

With this contract, HanbiSoft took a step forward for securing new growth engine. It’s said their synergy effect will be proliferated when HanbitSoft launches new pipe-line of T3 Entertainment and it puts spurs to global service.