Friday, February 27, 2009

Spike Girls Opens Item Shop Today!

Seoul, Korea - February 24, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc, announced today that Spike Girls, online character sports game developed by Movon, opened its item shop and officially began commercial service.

Spike Girls started its open beta on February 5th with new features for the beginners strengthening its tutorial systems and single play mini games and received positive responses from the gamers. Spike Girls fans were constantly asking for new costume items, and finally their wish has come true.

Spike Girls have two different item shops, and each shop sell different kinds of items. In ‘Cleo’, the accessories and costume items and background skin items are sold. In the recent update, Spike Girls revealed various designs of school girl look costume items. In ‘Happy Vox’, gamers can by variety of consuming items such as ‘permit for rename’ item which allows changing the name of a character, and a ‘Speed Gun’ which shows the speed of a ball, ‘Booster Item’ which increases gamers experience rate and Ring (Game Money) and etc.

Spike Girls is an online kickball game played by cute teenage girl characters. There are four characters, Yuna, Alice, Dorothy, Shu. Each character has unique features both visually and internally. All four characters are equally loved by the gamers, and the new character will be updated soon.

AIKA Update NEWS!!

AIKA presents ‘Battle Field’ and ‘Hell Mode’ in the Newest Update

Seoul, Korea – February 24, 2009 – HanbitSoft announced that AIKA ONLINE, a 1000 vs. 1000 massive battle MMORPG developed by JoyImpact, has updated newest features to the game. This is the first time since the open beta to update on new system features in large. Until now, AIKA had been making balance adjustments, adding items for user convenience and etc.

This most recent update focuses on strengthening the battle system. It includes:

- A new battle system called ‘Battle Field’. In Battle Field, compensations through war go directly to the gamers unlike other systems, where the nation or the master gets them all. Also, Battle Field eliminates the participants to 48 people at a time, in order to avoid unbalanced PvP. By having certain environment, players are encouraged to combat with more strategy and skill to win. Various missions such as Team Death Match, and customizing system, to allow the players to design their own field for more unique combat, will be added in the future.

- ‘Hell Mode’, the most difficult level in instant dungeon, is updated initially in Ushula Dungeon. Only the characters of at least level 50 can enter the dungeon, and only once in a day. In Hell Mode, players can win high-level items that are stronger and unique, and meet with stronger monsters.

There will be larger update next month. It will be larger in scale and various in details.


Granado Espada Breaks Through 30billion Accumulated Sales

Seoul, Korea – February 17, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc, announced that a well known MMORPG GRANADO ESPADA had exceeded 30billion won in the accumulated sales last year. This record was reached before it had its third anniversary in open beta in February of 2006. Shown by the accomplishment, Granado Espada now is one of the top sellers of the company.

Grandado Espada is currently played in 30 countries by more than 20milion subscribers around the world. The game is especially popular in Japan and South East countries, and more and more gamers join to play in Russia, North American and Europe every day.