Thursday, March 13, 2008

PANGYA SEASON4: Delight, Already HOT in Japan

This is a review article from GameWatch, one of top web magazines in Japan. Here you can find a story about Pangya Season4: Delight. Pangya's new season will be open in Japan soon, but Japanese gamers are already eager to know what it's like! This article is written by Dong Soo Han, a correspondent from Game Watch.

Here is what the beginning of the article says....

HanbitSoft, Pangya Season4,

Report on user original costume making system, new character and more!

Developed by Ntreev and published by HanbitSoft, Pangya brought out a new season called . Here you can not only find new character and new course, but also unique UCC systems. Especially, Self Design System, one of UCC contents, is a system where player can design their own clothes and wear them.

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