Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spike Girls, had successfully finished its 3rd closed beta test.
Many gamers thought the game had improved in its overall quality especially in community systems. There will be more cute characters with variety of items they can wear comming up for its next milestone.

NEOSTEAM Fascinates Taiwanese Gamers
on its First Day of Closed Beta Test,
Sweeping Top Ranks of Major Sites in Country

Seoul Korea, June 13 2008 – HanbitSoft announced today that its steam punk RPG NEOSTEAM had successfully terminated its first closed beta test in Taiwan.

NEOSTEAM had its first closed beta test started on 4th of June with tremendous popularity. X-Legend Entertainment, publisher of NEOSTEAM in Taiwan, announced that during the test, over 34,000 gamers participated the test which is approximately 80% of the total distributed accounts, and set a record of 10,000 CCU on its first day sweeping top ranks of most popular game sites in country.

“We are all very surprised about the successful result. We Howard Chang, Head Manager of NEOSTEAM service in X-Legend Entertainment, and added “one of famous game magazines reviewed NEOSTEAM as the most promising Korean game in Taiwan, and expect big success.”

Even after the closed beta test, Taiwanese gamers still crave for NEOSTEAM. NEOSTEAM is still in top ranks in major websites with stable increase of page views.

NEOSTEAM will begin open beta service from June 19th in Taiwan.