Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GRAND MER Teaser Movie

Check out the teaser movie of GRAND MER.

This game just opened its official website in Korea.


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HanbitSoft Announces World’s First Online Trolling Game GRAND MER

Seoul, Korea – April 1st, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced the new title GRAND MER, world’s first online trolling game developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., and released artworks for the first time. Official website (http://gm.hanbiton.com) also opened yesterday.

According to HanbitSoft, GRAND MER, in French, means Large Sea. GRAND MER will bring about the fantastic world of trolling; a highly energetic sport that requires speed and power, into 3D online game. The game concentrated embodying the unique sense of fishing into online, which is the essence of fishing. For this, developers are currently working on making a fishing controller that will heat up the pleasure of fishing.

Gamers who don’t have any trolling or even general fishing experience can easily play the game. The game provides system that anyone who doesn’t have any knowledge of fishing can enjoy with simple control. Gamers will meet with grand fish that actually exist such as sharks, spearfish, giant blue fin tuna and more. From normal ones to futuristic ones, players can play with various kinds of boats and equipments, and experience the excitement of trolling as if they are out at the sea.

HanbitSoft also released exquisite art works, screen shots and teaser movie for the first time. Images show visual of six individual characters and the lively created oceans. From the images, gamers will be able to grasp the general concept of GRAND MER.

“GRAND MER is developed by masters of fishing games who have been working on only fishing games for almost 10 years. With their extraordinary record and passion, development is going very well, and we expect to release the game very soon” said Yoora Kim, CMO of HanbitSoft, and added, “We will put best efforts to bring out GRAND MER soon with distinctive visuals and dynamic thrill of trolling all together.”

GRAND MER is developed by T3 Entertainment, a team of veterans who made VIRTUAL DEEP SEA FISHING, a great hit fishing game, which was also published in the U.S in 1998.