Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hellgate: London 1.5Patch - New Monsters

HanbitSoft Inc. announced that the company released details and images of seven new monsters that will be included in explosive 1.5Patch for HELLGATE: LONDON, an online action RPG developed by Redbana US Studio, at Hellgate’s Korean official website on April 24th.
Korean Hellgate fans are especially excited about a particular general monster called ‘Dragoon (tentative name)’ because of its name. ‘Dragoon’ has a huge sword with hideous nails, and it gives other monsters strengthening effects. When allies are down, ‘Dragoon’ starts to dash at a player and starts using magic and up-close attack skills. When ‘Dragoon’ is in the herd of demons, it’s more difficult to defeat them. ‘Rider’, ‘Lancer’ which attacks with huge spear, ‘Succubae’ that flies up the sky and attacks with keen claws, and Mummies will be updated.

Boss monsters are ‘Arachtonas’ and ‘Ruriel’. ‘Arachtonas’ is monster that will appear in one of new maps, Tower Bridge, attacking with enormous tentacles on its back. ‘Ruriel’ will be put in Act5. Ruriel is the boss of Ruriel corpses that attacks players by summoning all kinds of Zombies and piles of corpses.

The revealed monsters are only few of new monsters that will be included in 1.5Patch. Different boss monsters will be put into for each Act. HanbitSoft has been introducing 1.5Patch details every week, and next week will be on new items, which is the most wanted information by gamers. For more details about the previous announcements, visit
http://hg.hanbiton.com/, or contact Janelle HA at hBonkiE@hanbitsoft.co.kr.