Thursday, August 16, 2007

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[Press Release] Hellgate: London CB in Korea this SEPTEMBER

HELLGATE™: LONDON Starts Korean Closed Beta in September
HanbitSoft reveals new Korean Hellgate: London screenshots

Seoul, Korea (17 September, 2007) – HanbitSoft announced today that 2007's most anticipated PC action RPG, Hellgate: London, will begin closed beta testing in Korea this September.

“HanbitSoft and Flagship Studios have agreed that Hellgate: London will be in closed beta by this September,” said Alex Kim, Chairman of HanbitSoft. “Hellgate: London is a high quality title and is already in good shape; completion is just ahead of us. Unless unexpected problems show up, the closed beta will go smoothly and be over shortly.”

Mr. Kim added, “We are truly sorry for the late start of this test, especially after having announced selected testers. HanbitSoft and Flagship Studios are doing their absolute best to provide you the highest quality gaming experience they can, and we will release a more specific schedule very soon.” Mr. Kim added that the localization process for Korea is almost at an end.

With this announcement, HanbitSoft released screenshots of Hellgate: London’s newest Korean version. The latest screenshots depict the surface of a ruined London and some of its many randomly generated "dungeons," as well as other various scenes not yet shown.

Hellgate: London, in development since 2004 by the principal creators behind the global blockbuster action RPG franchise, Diablo®, will ship October 31st.

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