Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hellgate: London gets 89.2 points from Korean Gamers

Korean Gamers Give 89.2Points for Hellgate: London

Seoul, Korea (November 22, 2007) – HanbitSoft today announced that Hellgate: London ( received 89.2 points from average users rating in Korea.

The survey was took place at Hellgate: London’s Korean official website from November 9th until November 15th. Out of more than 250 thousand gamers who joined for Hellgate: London’s second closed beta test, 25,404 gamers participated. Average age of participants was 29.5, and 90.7 percent was male.

Gamers had total of five categories; graphic, addiction, fun, action and sound, and for each category they gave stars up to seven. The result shows that Korean gamers’ average rating is 89.2 points, 63.6 percent of the participants gave full points for graphic, which got the most points. Hellgate: London is the first online game to support Direct X-10 which features lively backgrounds such as raindrops popping on the ground, shaded characters at a beam of light and spreading smoke.

Even though it is not included in one of the rating categories, gamers also gave good reviews for stable service during the beta test. Hellgate: London finished its three-day-long test without going through any technical or network problems.

HanbitSoft announced that the final beta test for Hellgate: London will start shortly, and the company will schedule for the open beta according to the test results.



Seoul, Korea – November 22, 2007 – HanbitSoft today announced that the company concluded on a publishing rights contract with Movon Corporation for a new online game Spike Girls.

Spike Girls is an online casual sports game with a theme about pretty teenage girls playing kickball. The game presents lively motions of actual kickball game, and strong single-play contents with diverse mini games. Using various skills and strategic team play, Spike Girls has every feature that a casual sports game should have. Collecting characters through special events, and dressing them up with various decorative items is one of features that gamers cannot miss.

Spike Girls is developed by a veteran team, led by Main Producer Kang Baek Ju who was the main director for main titles at NCsoft. Lee Seok Woo, who was lead art director for the popular Princess Maker3 is now the Art Director for Spike Girls.

“I think the most interesting part about Spike Girls is that it’s all about fun ideas. We are very happy to be publishing such great game” said Alex Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft. “Through great teamwork with Movon, we will show our Pangya legend once again.”

HanbitSoft opened community website for Spike Girls at HanbitOn, the company’s game portal site. For more details about Spike Girls, please visit