Friday, April 10, 2009


HanbitSoft announced the first closed beta test date for world’s first online trolling game, GRAND MER on April 9th, 2009. The company is inviting gamers who’d join the test which will be held from April 17th until April 19th this spring. In addition to the announcement, spec of games closed beta test version was revealed. This test is only available to gamers with HanbitOn accounts in Korea for now, but I prepared the overview for those out of Korea who are eager to know more about this game. ENJOY!!


GRAND MER is a classic online Trolling game for gamers all over the world. Trolling is method of fishing that is known for best fishing leisure sports. Trolling is to catch large open-water species such as tuna and marlin in a moving boat out in the ocean. (Trolling is often confused with trawling which is a completely different type of fishing. Trolling is used for both recreational and commercial fishing using lines whereas Trawling is used mainly for commercial fishing using nets.) Any angler would want to experience the thrill and excitement of Trolling, and they can with GRAND MER. With GRAND MER, gamers will be able to experience a complete pleasure of Trolling online, at homes or offices, when or wherever they want to, without worrying any weather problems.


A. World’s First Online Trolling Recreation Sports Game
GRAND MER is world’s first online Saltwater Trolling game that invites gamers to a spectacular excitement of deadly struggle with enormous fish which reach up to 8 meters long. GRAND MER emerged from tension focused fishing systems, and introduces classic Trolling that allows gamers to feel the comprehensive situation in fishing.

B. Simple Control System
GRAND MER introduces simple control system so that gamers can easily understand and play the game. Gamers don’t need any professional knowledge to enjoy. Simple control system allows players to enjoy the game by falling into the great suspense and pleasure of fishing itself. In other existing fishing games, players easily get tired of all the hard work of level ups and catching fish and they don’t have anything else to do, whereas GRAND MER is not all about catching large fish. The game continuously provides new challenges with various modes and tournaments that allow players to have new goals and be motivated at all times. So players can decide on their own goals that most fit their characteristics.

C. Various Camera View Angles
GRAND MER has various camera angles which provide live and realistic views. Players can see the delicate expressions of rock on the waves and lively moving fish. These diverse sceneries make the game more real and dynamic. D. Striking Effects Players will be hallucinated by GRAND MER’s extraordinary effects. The game maximizes the joy of fishing with realistic displays of surrounding environments. Players can see movements of waves, shadows on water surface, islands, and color of water changes by time and weather changes. Every fish moves with motion pattern AI, and sometimes funny situations like a fish that player is trying to catch gets eaten by a shark happen.

E. Existing Large Open-water Species
In GRAND MER, players will meet with great numbers of large open-water fish that actually exist in the Five Oceans. Most existing fishing games provide sixty kinds at most whereas GRAND MER has over eighty kinds which are completely developed. Only thirty of them are revealed in the first closed beta test, however more than 200 kinds are planned to be developed in future. Each different species has own unique movements which make GRAND MERs fishing more spectacular. You can say that almost all movements are realized in game.

Other fishing games have three to five motions. GRAND MER has various motions of moving forwards and backwards, many types of jumping, rotating, turning, biting, struggling and etc.

F. Trolling Tournament
GRAND MER is a Trolling tournament game. Any player can open a tournament, and anyone can join the game right away even if it’s already begun. Tournament is divided according to certain conditions. There are three types; Big Game, Star Game, and Super Game. In order to participate in high level tournaments, players have to achieve certain qualifications from lower level tournaments. From various tournaments, players will be entertained with challenging goals and glory that is more than just fishing as one of recreation sports.

G. Community and Competitions Between Clubs
GRAND MER introduces various community systems; messenger, search my friend, club, transactions and etc. Through club competition, winners get possessory rights over certain maps which many benefits.