Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mythos on Korean Economy Times

Mythos! Max interview on Korean Economy Times both on&off lines!!
Mythos, the Mysterious Experience in the world of Uld
-Could you tell us a brief introduction about Mythos? Or a short version of its background story.

Mythos is a casual Action-RPG very much in the spirit of Diablo – but it is played entirely online, and is free to play! Mythos is set in the mythical land of Uld, where players will meet and join others for adventures in randomly generated dungeons and wilderness areas. We hope to bring players an enormous amount of content, fast-action play, and an enjoyable experience playing with friends new and old. We also hope to bring you a unique feel, with classes and races you haven’t seen before in online games.
-Compared to Hellgate: London, what are the merits of Mythos?
Mythos is a very casual Action RPG – one that is designed so that you can pick up and play for 15 minutes or a half an hour, and is free to enjoy. After a long and exciting session of Hellgate: London, we hope that players will enjoy Mythos as a nice break, or for quick games after dinner. It is also a more classic format, one that can be played with entirely one hand, and may be more accessible to some casual users.
-Do you have any game philosophy of your own? What is your most priority in developing games?
My personal game philosophy is that the player’s time is precious, and that you should be receiving the maximum amount of enjoyment possible for each moment played. I am generally opposed to activities that waste the player’s time simply to extend the gameplay with boring or repetitive tasks. The most exciting portion of the game should be the portion you are doing the most often!

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