Sunday, July 22, 2007

Filming Bill at FSS

sorry for the darkness. I couldnt take the photos with flash on. But, if you see it closely, you can see the shadow of Bill and the camera. Can you see him?

Bill at his office

It's Bill and the filming crew at Bill's office. They had a long~ interview there.
Thank you for your time Bill, you were great!!

Bill and Ivan

Bill and Ivan had to play Guitar Hero infront of the camera. They were really good!
It was fun watching you guys play!! Maybe i could play with you nex time?

Ivan and Tricia

My favorite PR managers!! Ivan and Tricia. Thanks for being so nice while we were there. It was so great of you. We'll have more fun next time!!


Kaiser seems to be a little shy infront of the camera. But he is just a sweet guy^^
It was great seeing you in San Francisco, and hope to see you soon where ever the next place will be!!


Hi there Max!! Say Hello to Game Espresso!! It is always good to see ya, and we're going to miss ya!!


Phil was all smiling during the whole shoot, and he didn't forget to smile infront of my camera too! Thanks Phil!!


Who's this!?! It's Erich!! He was out of work the first day of shooting, but he was with us the last day. Thanks you guys^^

Flagship guys

Hi, Dave!! Dave was great during the whole shoot. Thank you Dave!!