Thursday, March 13, 2008

PANGYA SEASON4: Delight, Already HOT in Japan

This is a review article from GameWatch, one of top web magazines in Japan. Here you can find a story about Pangya Season4: Delight. Pangya's new season will be open in Japan soon, but Japanese gamers are already eager to know what it's like! This article is written by Dong Soo Han, a correspondent from Game Watch.

Here is what the beginning of the article says....

HanbitSoft, Pangya Season4,

Report on user original costume making system, new character and more!

Developed by Ntreev and published by HanbitSoft, Pangya brought out a new season called . Here you can not only find new character and new course, but also unique UCC systems. Especially, Self Design System, one of UCC contents, is a system where player can design their own clothes and wear them.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008


AIKA ONLINEs First Closed Beta Test Starts Today

Seoul, Korea – March 6, 2008 – HanbitSoft announced today that the company’s new MMORPG, AIKA ONLINE (hereinafter AIKA, is starting its first closed beta test from March 6th to March 8th.

The first closed beta test of AIKA will start this afternoon at 5pm until 10pm. Today, AIKA will be testing mainly on PRAN system, which is a kind of pet system that is one of the main featuring. Instant dungeons will be tested on the second day, same time for 5hours. On the last day, AIKA will focus on testing the massive battle system which is the core feature in the game.

AIKA is also having events to celebrate its first closed beta test, and to thank all the gamers who joined to participate on the test.

AIKA is developed by JoyImpact, the veteran team who developed WYDFC2 and Tantra. AIKA had been revealed to public last year, during the early development at Gstar2006.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


POPOMING Finishes 2nd Closed Beta, Testers Response “Great”

Seoul, Korea – March 6, 2008 – HanbitSoft announced today that online transforming action game POPOMING had successfully ended its second closed beta test.

POPOMING’s second closed beta test was operated from February 28th until March 2nd. During the test, POPOMING presented newly added contents. Running race, one of mini games in the game was especially popular among the testers for its simplicity and educational contents. Testers gave high scores to the newly added contents and asked for more community contents such as messengers.

“I don’t play online games that much, but POPOMING was very fun to play and I couldn’t stop” said one of the testers (ID: ed333) and added “characters had various transforming specialties and it was fun.”

HanbitSoft announced that POPOMING will be going through the internal testings and may open the game sooner that the company has planned because gamers comments were so great. HanbitSoft will announce the next milestone of POPOMING in short future.

POPOMING is a new project developed at JoyImpact by veteran developers, whom they are known for Fortress which was hit title in all over Asia. POPOMING is set in future at Bugi Bugi Island, and its main storyline is the main characters fighting against Dr. Frank who invades their island.

For more information on POPOMING, visit its official website at

Monday, March 3, 2008


POPOMING, HanbitSoft's new transforming action game has gone to 2nd closed beta test last week, and Gamebase has also written about it.


AIKA is on TOP page of Gamebase right now. You can also check out the movie trailers from there!AIKA is operating its first closed beta test in Korea this wednsday! We'll keep you up with the latest news. Thanks!


Aika released its first preview trailer about the three characters and PRAN.

You can check out the article on GNN, and also visit to take a look at the trailer!



Seoul, Korea – February 29, 2008 – HanbitSoft today revealed latest movie trailer of introducing characters of MMORPG AIKA ONLINE(hereinafter AIKA).

AIKA released total four kinds of trailers which include three characters and PRAN. Three characters; Warrior, Sniper and Priest are the ones able to be played during the first closed beta test. Warrior is the fighter class who shows specialty in short range fights, and Sniper uses rifles in long ranges. Priest is character with spell powers.

Among six characters, three will be opened to play during the test, and the rest of the characters will be introduced during the second closed beta which is set to be operated in short future.

AIKA is inviting players to join the first official test right now, and the test will start on 6th of March for three days. During the test, AIKA will be mainly tested on Princess of Air Nymph(PRAN) System, and instant dungeon for few days, and lastly on massive battle which is the core featuring in the game.

AIKA is developed by JoyImpact, the veteran team who developed WYDFC2 and Tantra. AIKA had been revealed to public last year, during the early development at Gstar2006.