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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goodbye for now

Hi everyone, this is Janelle.
This post will probably be the last one written by me because I'm leaving HanbitSoft as of this Friday. I am very sorry I wasn't so much of an active blogger, and also thank you guys for comming by to check out our news.
It was truly amazing to meet you from all around the world, and share the love for the games.
Although I'm leaving, Game Espresso will be here as always.
So please stop by from time to time!!
And if you have any questions about HanbitSoft, Hellgate, Mythos and more,
please contact PR manager B.K Yoon( or Jisu Kim( They will be the messengers from now on. ^^
I wish you all well and happy new year!
Thanks again for your loving supports and great interests in our games.

Monday, January 18, 2010

At last! Hellgate available worldwide!

HanbitSoft Acquires Worldwide Publishing Rights for HELLGATE

Seoul, Korea – January 18, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc., announced today that the company has obtained the publishing rights for Hellgate in North America, Europe and Japan from NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.. HanbitSoft and NAMCO BANDAI Games America, the formal owner of the publishing rights in these regions, have entered into an agreement for the game to be distributed by HanbitSoft in the future.

Since October 2007, the sensational popularity of Hellgate: London has attracted many RPG gamers. When Flagship Studios closed its doors, the online portion of the game was suspended indefinitely in the relevant regions. Through this agreement, HanbitSoft now owns the worldwide publishing rights for the Hellgate franchise. HanbitSoft will roll out the launch of Hellgate overseas in 2010, starting with China, Taiwan, and South East Asia followed by North America, Europe, and Japan.

“We would like to thank NAMCO BANDAI Games America for allowing us to acquire the Hellgate publishing rights and are thrilled to have eager gamers worldwide return and enjoy the franchise,” said Kee-Young Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “Hellgate: Resurrection is heading towards success in Korea such that we decided to push ahead with launching the game overseas next year. We will do our best to get the game to the fans as soon as possible.”

“We are pleased to participate in the revitalization of Hellgate through this agreement and are deeply gratified to allow Hanbitsoft to take the lead on this franchise and bring this game to the people who seek it,” said Zack Karlsson, senior director of business development at NAMCO BANDAI Games America.

In July 2008, T3 Entertainment acquired HanbitSoft which held Hellgate’s IP and publishing rights in Asia. In collaboration with Hanbitsoft, T3 Entertainment utilized its team of excellent developers to continuously improve Hellgate. For over a year, the development team consistently provided a game with strong online features and user convenience systems. Recently, HanbitSoft launched a new, upgraded version of Hellgate called Hellgate: Resurrection in Korea which includes a free-to-play model. HanbitSoft also announced that the Korean gamers are welcoming the return of the new Hellgate, and the rapidly increasing number of users shows that Hellgate is in good hands.

For more information, visit the official Hellgate: London website at or contact Janelle Ha at

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mythos Final Beta Test in Korea

Mythos is also having a busy December this year. After releasing the newest playmovie at Gstar2009, the game immediately announced its date for Final Beta Test. The test will be held from December 18th to December 21st.

All zone1, 2 and the new zone3 will be open with new monsters and items.

Here are the latest screenshots of Zone3 we released yesterday.

Mythos is also having a closed beta test in America.
For more information, visit


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hi guys

Hello, this is Janelle. I got many e-mails and comments from Hellgate fans all over the world.

I truly apologize for not keeping my word. I know I promised I will keep you up with constant updates and more details, but I couldnt. We had busy months for launching the new Hellgate in Korea, and also present our new comming games at Gstar2009.

About Hellgate, here is the latest news.

On November 12th, 2009 HanbitSoft held a press conference and announced 'Hellgate: Resurrection'. There, we made large development issues including opening a new world(2.0 version, which is named Hellgate: Resurrection) and will be FREE to PLAY. We are going to have an Abyss Chronicle Patch on 22nd of December, and more updates will be continued from then including Hellgate: Tokyo which is planned to open next spring.

Here is the new image of Hellgate we released.

Yesterday, we opened our new world, Hellgate: Resurrection, in Korea and the gamers seem happy about the new stuff. More simplified UI, strengthened tutorial systems for new gamers!

I know there have been some rumors about HanbitSoft will service Hellgate in NA and EU, but nothing has been decided yet. For now, we are concentrating on the Korean Hellgate. We will release more information on overseas service in the future, if any.

And, again, sorry for the late updates. T.T

Monday, September 7, 2009

What's new?

Dear visitors of Game Espresso

Hi guys
This is Janelle. Long time no see, huh!?!
I was really really busy with taking care of things here in Korea, and didn't have much time to update the news for you guys. Please forgive me for my laziness.

Now that I have a new assistant, I will make sure to share the fresh news with you all.

Since May, we had many things going on.

First of all, Mythos had its first closed beta test in Korea. The test was called 'World Preview Test'. We opened zone1 and introduced newly developed world of Uld. Testers' responses were mostly positive, but some wanted the old version of what it used to look like last year during the beta service in the US. We announced that second beta test is going to be in a month or two.
I will let you know when the actual schedule gets announced.

Another big event was the launch of Hellgate: London's 1.5Patch. We had a little systematic problems here and there, but its doing just fine now. Every content is open for free during the weekends. This promotion will last pretty long I think. There isn't any other update schedules for near future.

I know many of you visit my blog for HGLD and Mythos news. But we have many other games that are just as fun and amazing and exciting! So just give it a try and peak at some other posts too. ^^

From now on, I will make sure to let you know details of our news.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

HanbitSoft Speeds up Oversea Expansion

HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that the company started to accelerate overseas expansion with its new titles, and that they have more unannounced titles ready to launch this year.

The company has been launching new titles since last December, and that they are ready to go abroad.

AIKA Online Advances into Taiwan, North America and Japan

AIKA Online, a massive battle MMORPG developed by Joy Impact, started its open beta last December, and successfully positioned as well made MMORPG in Korean market. Currently the game succeeded in advancing into Taiwan, North America and Japan.
The game will be distributed to North American gamers by Gala-Net, Inc., and to Japan by Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment this fall. HanbitSoft announced that several other oversea plans are in process right now, and that they are going very well so far. The company hopes to advance into more than 5 regions in the first half of this year.
“Unlike other new MMORPGs with heavy clients, AIKA Online has a light client of only 300MB” said Ki Young KIM, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “We believe AIKA has more potential in insuring more wide and diverse gamers than most other MMORPGs. We will strengthen its competitive power and make this game globally popular.”

Audition2 Advances into Indonesia
(Below is the image from Auditon)

HanbitSoft announced May 7th, 2009 that AUDITION2 will be serviced in Indonesia by PT.Megaxus InfoTech. Auditon2 is the second serious of Audition, the most popular online rhythm dance game with over 150 million subscribers world-wide.
T3 Entertainment is developing Audition2 strictly privately, and nothing specific about the game has yet been revealed. HanbitSoft explained that this latest contract is only the beginning of the games oversea expansion, and that the company is making progress in multiple discussions concerning advancing other regions.

Other New Titles to Go

HanbitSoft also has many other plans for more new titles.

Spike Girls, online kickball game, CAMON HERO, a card collecting MMORPG had also been launched this spring. The company plans to take more aggressive actions with making expansion to overseas with those titles. HanbitSoft also has unrevealed titles that are in development.

HanbitSoft also opened developers note page on Korean offical website of Mythos last month. Mythos is currently developed by T3, and will be introduced pretty soon. HanbitSoft has not mentioned about schedule for oversea service, but stated that the game is being reconstructed to become globally popular.

There will also be more new MMORPGs, Trolling Game planned to be launched this year.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Letter from MYTHOS Designer Alboos

Here is the translated version of the original letter from Alboos

MYTHOS Developers Note #001
April 22, 2009


I’m Alboos from development team of MYTHOS. It’s exciting to have finally met you.

From now on, I will be introducing you the most current status of MYTHOS’ development, and tell you the details how the MYTHOS world will turn out.

First, I would like to introduce myself briefly. I am Designer in MYTHOS develop team, and I will be ‘Sage’ in MYTHOS world. That’s why I named myself as Alboos for Developers Note.

I know that many gamers are waiting to play MYTHOS. The reason why we didn’t give out any news for such a long time is because we wanted to wait until we are able to open the most accurate information.

Right now, MYTHOS is in good condition where it’s being reconstructed to become more suitable as online game. We are trying to keep the strengths that the game used to have, and make them even stronger, while eliminating its weaknesses.

As many of you already know, MYTHOS has come from .We are trying to inherit those thing you enjoyed, and loved about Diablo, and put more contents for more exciting multi plays.

Our current developing plan is focused on how to make the game enjoyed by you and your friends, colleagues, and family.

Well, this is it for today. Today, I just wanted to let you know that MYTHOS is being developed in good condition.

In my next letter, I will give you brief explanations about world of MYTHOS.

Have a great day!