Sunday, March 29, 2009


CAMON HERO’s OBT is Doing Great!
HanbitSoft had to Expanded 10 channels 2hours After Open

Seoul, Korea – March 26th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. today announced that CAMON HERO, an highly anticipated online Card Collection MMORPG developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., had a great start in its open beta service on March 24th, and that it is quietly drawing gamers’ attention.

CAMON HERO had attracted gamers with its rather peculiar concept as ‘Card Collection MMORPG’ since Gstar. According to HanbitSoft, CAMON HERO had to expand seven channels in an hour after it had begun its Open Beta Service because of the sudden crowding. In first two hours, HanbitSoft added more channels and operated with 10 channels to manage continuously increasing gamers’ access.

Players who joined in CAMON HERO’s open beta started posting positive responses on its official website, such as “It is more fun than I expected. It’s a well made game”, “CAMON HERO is juicy and speedy!” and “Entertaining! Especially collecting cards!”

“Despite the unfavorable condition, we are very excited to see gamers come constantly and leave with satisfaction. Because March is known as slack season in online game industry and CAMON HERO stuck to its plan to open during the weekday at day time, we are very satisfied about the current status. It is so much more than we had expected especially when we didn’t really do any particular marketing activities” said Yoora Kim, CMO of HanbitSoft, and added “more and more new players are joining the game, and we are preparing a new server for them. We are very thankful to those gamers who kept their royalty and waited for CAMON HERO’s open.”

After its final test in November last year, CAMON HERO quietly went through an extensive modification, and improved its quality by running number of Focus Group Tests. With its come back, CAMON HERO is now tempting the gamers with its familiar systems and a bulk of fresh and new contents.

For more information, visit CAMON HERO’s official website in Korea at, or contact Janelle HA at


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