Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Korean Hellgate: London Fans Welcome the Recent Update

Hi, Hellgate: London fans^^
Hellgate: London recently had an update in Korea, and Korean fans are loving it!
Just to be accurate, the update news mentioned below is only related to Hellgate: London serviced in Korea. HanbitSoft do not hold the publishing right in the US or Europe for Hellgate: London, therefore I am not authorized to respond to gamers in those territories. I know there are many fans who are from US and Europe, who have many Hellgate inquiries. You guys should contact the person in charge at Namco directly, you should be able to get the answers from them.

Sorry about the long intro, enjoy the news!!

Seoul, Korea – March 4th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc announced that Korean gamers are welcoming the recent updates of Hellgate: London, an online action RPG developed by Redbana US Studio.

HanbitSoft announced 1.35b patch notes through the official webpage on February 17th, and updated the game on February 24th. The specifics of 1.35b update are as follows.

· One-time ‘Unique Skill Retrainer’ is awarded to all characters of all accounts that login within a specific award event interval.
· Moloch now has a small chance to drop a Lesser Seal from each Invasion Act when he dies.
· Any Champion monster that has a chance of dropping a Lesser Seal now has an additional chance to drop a second Lesser Seal of the same Act.

Gamers who are pleased about the current updates are constantly posting messages on the game’s Korean official website, complementing on the quality and encouraged about having more such updates. According to HanbitSoft, the reason the gamers are so pleased about the recent update is that the company had tried to develop new contents by embracing the gamers’ needs and listening to what they are asking for.

“Hellgate: London is currently in good shape, strengthening online features, and most of the ideas come from gamers’ suggestions. I guess that’s why gamers are more pleased with the current changes” said Yoo-Ra Kim, Chief Marketing Officer of HanbitSoft, and added “we want to thank all the gamers who have been supportive. In return, we will do our best to bring out the upgraded Hellgate: London very soon.”

Hellgate: London is currently preparing for the next update for the 1.5 version, which will be open to public in Korea very soon.

***HanbitSoft has any and all rights to distribute and service Hellgate:London in South Korea and certain part of Asia excluding Japan.***


Markus said...

Why don't you just let us non korean fans play on your server?

Anonymous said...

Hanbit help please,make Hellgate:london F2P for all!!!!

mathomas said...

Thank you for contacting NAMCO BANDAI's Customer Support Department.

Unfortunately, the intellectual property for this title is now owned by Hanbitsoft. Namco Bandai no longer has any affiliation with this title. We recommend contacting Hanbitsoft for any new information regarding the status of this title or its servers. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have encountered due to this issue.

Please feel free to contact us again in the future as the need arises.

Customer Support

Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

Thanks Mathomas ... I guess that means the rumors regarding Hanbit not WANTING the rights to market the game outside of Korea were true after all.

More games have come out since the last update, and there are always going to be more on the way. I recommend anyone who isn't going to bother forging a Korean social security number or tracking down a Korean friend to let you borrow their own, but still really wants to play an online FPS game with RPG elements to look into...

"Global Agenda"

It is in Alpha/Beta right now, but there's always the chance you can get into it. And if not, I recommend you keep an eye on it... it looks to be offering a lot to fill the rift Hellgate has left us with.

And if you need more RPG, you may want to look into Champions Online. Yes, Bill Roper is there, but to be quite honest, the game seems to offer a lot for those of us who want a MMORPG with action rpg elements, the ability to solo, real time/dynamic combat and lots of other goodies.

And of course, if you'd rather just play a strict ARPG... well, sigh, Sacred 2 and the still long ways away Diablo 3 are potential forms of entertainment.

My apologies for being an ad bot Hanbitsoft, I don't mean to disrespect your choice to limit your markets. You are a business after all, not a public service. Best of luck.

mike0nl said...

time 2 move on boys
namco dropt us and now HanbitSoft
cant say iam realy seprised
shame 2 loos this game
but i think we just dit

nugar said...

Thank you for contacting NAMCO BANDAI's Customer Support Department.

Unfortunately, the servers for Hellgate: London were shut down on Jan. 1, 2009. The intellectual and copyrights for Hellgate: London now belong to Hanbitsoft so we can only recommend contacting them for any further information regarding this. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused and hope you will still continue to enjoy this great game.

Please feel free to contact us again in the future as the need arises.

So it seems the Namco have dropped the ball fairly and squarely back in Hanbits court so to speak. Here's hoping that Hanbit pick it up and runs with it allowing those of us outside Korea to once again join in this great game as it seems that Namco don't have the rights to stop Hanbit opening servers in the U.S and Europe.

Anonymous said...

Sorry das ich hier mal auf Deutsch schreibe,aber es geht nicht mehr anders.
Namco und Hanbit was seid ihr nur für Spielefirmen,Ihr möchtet Geld verdienen??? Ha das ich da nicht lache.Der eine sagt ich darf mit euch nicht reden was das Spiel betrifft,der andere sagt "Sorry Wir haben keine Rechte mehr,die sind jetzt alle dort".
Warum schiebt Ihr euch die Rechte nicht dahin wo kein UV-Licht hinkommt,aber bitte hoert auf, uns die Spieler, mit irgend welche Ausreden zu belasten.

Bobbyjay said...

Dont believe the Namco Support
when they say:
Namco Bandai no longer has any affiliation with this title.
It`s a lie!!!!!!
They own the publishing rights for
Why do I know this?
Because an employee of Namco`s
Live Support told me!

Now we need to know why Namco still own the publishing rights!
They have to sell it to Hanbitsoft!!
If Hanbitsoft is interrested
in relaunching HGL for EU/US.

We in Europe and US need
Hellgate London back
(if possible with our Accounts
and Chars)

So Janelle please help us!!
Wont Namco sell the publishing rights or whats the matter?

With best Wishes from Germany

Beasskiller said...

Tomorrow iss my Birthday so Hanbit when you are fast I can Play Hgl Than^^
Also lets go copy game on a new eu server and let uss play^^

Casa said...


We in Europe and US need
Hellgate London back if it possible.
Most other games are very boring.


DarkAnubis said...

Hi everyone,

we (a group of German HG:L-Fans) try to get the EU/US-Communities in a cooperation for a well planed petition. We have to get everybody who wants HG:L back online in EU/US or at least the possibility to play in Korea without an KSSN.
It has to be a fusion of all HG:L-Fans because we have to bring our full weight to bear.

DarkAnubis said...

Sorry forgot to tell.

It's not only a petition we also plan to send an email with a well verbalized letter for the decision makers at Namco, Hanbit, etc.

Who ever is the right contact.

Justin said...

omfg wat douche bag asses i dont give a damn about ur damn rights to shit and who has who THE GAME IS STILL BEING SOLD IN NORTH AMERICA WITH QUOTE ON QUOTE "*to access multiplayerfeatures you must create an account with the enclosed registration key. each key can only be used once and creates 1 account. internet connection required." well fistly i paid for my damn game before closere of server and i wanna play false advertizement comes to mind. secondly there still being sold at stores with the intention of multiplayer features! i wanna play on the damn server as i see people of companys have broke at least 1 rule or makert "false advertizment"

WdA said...

To: Namco Bandai Hanbitsoft
It all began about four years ago. A young team, peppered with the most famous guys of the ARGP business, introduced their new project Hellgate: London. Fans all over the world got more and more excited about what Flagship Studios worked on. Communities like formed and thousands of people looked forward to play Hellgate: London.

Then in October 2007, the game was released, and a great voyage through London began. Even if Hellgate wasn’t perfect at that time, fans loved it and appreciated Flagship's hard work on improving the game. After a long wait, the Stonehenge Chronicles went online, full of new environments, new assets such as pets and a lot of new daemons. It was incredible! Patch 2.0 was supposed to be the next milestone in the history of Hellgate London. There would be even more incredible environments, more assets, skills, PvP, a bunch of fresh features and more visually compelling daemons. Everyone hoped that the Abyss-Chronicles are online as fast as possible.

However, in the summer of 2008 Flagship Studios crashed after the game finally started to grow to what it was meant to be: Something new in the WoW
controlled online gaming business. The reasons for the failure are as
manifold as the game itself. The asperation to work as an independent
company was one of the reasons for a bad start after release. Flagship studios felt the pressure to release a game that could compete with all the features of the big MMOs. Trying to implement too many game modes caused for some of them to not function properly. Overall Hellgate is an innovative game with the most ardent
community the world has ever seen. A community, that now cannot play the
online mode of its favourite game!

After the server shutdown on March 31st, 2009, there’s only one thing left for us to say:

We, the fans in Europe and North America are really disappointed about this situation and Namco’s decision of keeping the publishing rights for EU/US. We are contemplating the reasons for that. Is it because Namco is thinking about a revival of the HG:L Universe or they simply want keep it in case they ever want to release HG:L 2?

After the Hellgates closed in Europe and North America, HanbitSoft is still trying to make HG:L successful and the signs on the Asian horizon are looking pretty good. And when reviewing the Asian gaming world the potentials are definately there. New content and many new features are about to launch on the Korean servers.

We, the European an American Hellgate communities, asking you Namco, and whoever else might be a decision maker about the Publishing Rights. Please think about all the fans who are dying to get Hellgate back online. We believe that we are talking for the majority of the community when we say: „We don’t need any lifetime subscriptions but give us the chance to play HG:L again. Get HanbitSoft in the boat, use there subscription system for HG:L and the fans will be pleased to get their beloved game back. The singleplayer mode is nice but the real exciting part is the multiplayer part without it HG:L is doomed.
Please consider giving HanbitSoft the Publishing Rights to be able to release
Hellgate in EU/US again. We are sure there are ways to harmonize the financial interests of all factions, and much more important: Pleasing the interests and dreams of thousand fans and players all over the world.

Hanbitsoft and Namco Bandai, we are asking you: Please meet each other and try to come to an agreement that meets the interest of the fans! We are looking forward to your reply.

The Hellgate London Community


The Undersigned

Panda said...

Hi, Hellgate: London fans^^
Hellgate: London recently had an update in Korea, and Korean fans are loving it!"
Ok, and what about us non-Koreans? Seriously alot of non-Koreans like myself want to play this game, isn't there an other option?

Rambunctius said...

Hello, ex-hgl player here who would really like to find a way to play the game again. Been looking but have found nothing to compare. Yes hgl had some problems but nothing I could not live with.
Seems like there should be someway to get back to the game. Anybody?
I have met some incredible people on hgl and I know that all of them would love to see it back up and running, peace. Rambunctius

riprorn said...

Hi, nice to see Rambuctius is still around. I have to say that i miss hgl. and it has been my favorite game for a long time, but single player dose it no justice. Fan's in eu/na and japan keep up the fight it dies when we let them forget we want it.
Thanks, to all i played along side of, I had many great times hoping more will come along.
Peace Out. killerfox, friskyfox, and furlessfox hanging in wait.

Fester said...

I still hold hopes for a return of hellgate london //wish I spoke korean so I could play

Dreamer said...

I would love to play HGL on the Korean server! This is still active, right? OMG. Hellgate is SUCH a killer game. I play it single player all the time. Matter of fact, I hopped out of single player to look up something and found this site here and wanted to post. I'm playing it right now. Any word on if/how to play on Korean server or if it's still active?

evision said...

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