Monday, March 16, 2009

HGLD 1.5 Patch NEWS #1

Another news on Hellgate: London. There will be 1.5 Patch in Korea pretty soon (not sure when), since HanbitSoft decided to reveal the details through its Korean Hellgate official website every week. Each week, there will be introductions on details of upcomming changes. I received many mails and posts concerning the last I left here on the blog, HanbitSoft's standpoint stays the same for now.
HanbitSoft is interested in providing the game in the US and Europe, but we are unable to do so at this time, due to the fact that Namco Bandai has the publishing rights for those region. HanbitSoft is currently doing best to make the game better. Thanks, and enjoy the news^^
HanbitSoft Reveals 1.5 Patch Details of Hellgate: London
Seoul, Korea – March 16th, 2009 – HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that the company is revealing 1.5 patch details of Hellgate: London, an online action RPG developed by Redbana US Studio, every week through the game’s Korean official website. HanbitSoft and developers in Redbana has been preparing 1.5 patch since last year, as soon as the developing crew had been formed. It is planned to be an extensive update to reinforce Hellgate’s reputation. HanbitSoft announcing that the company will be posting the patch details in weekly basis suggests that the update date is getting close.
HanbitSoft posted the general introduction of 1.5 patch on March 6th through Hellgate’s official website, and mentioned that there will be Mode Merger, Consignment House, and various kinds of PvP features, etc. On March 13th, the company revealed parts of the patch contents in details: Mode Merger, Achievement Reward System, Instance Swtiching and Item Linking.

After 1.5 patch, all modes will be merged. In current Hellgate, players play either in Normal Mode or Elite Mode, but later on, the two modes will be combined and all players will be playing the game together. Players who are playing in Elite Mode will be able to keep the Elite mark next to their names, and granted with special titles.

Achievement Reward System is a system that rewards the players who accomplish the challenge achievements, with ‘- + To all attributes’, ‘Health injectors’ and etc. Instance Switching will also be added for easier channel shift. Instance Switching is designed with simple User Interface, so that any player can easily transfer to the place where the player he wants to play with is. Ultimately, it will also strengthen the community by providing convenient system for more active interactions between players. With Item Linking, players can link their items to chatting window, and show off their luxury items. It will make the item trade a lot easier.

HanbitSoft will be revealing more details on rest of 1.5 patch contents step by step every week through Hellgate’s Korean official website.

*** HanbitSoft has any and all rights to distribute and service Hellgate:London in South Korea and certain part of Asia excluding Japan. ***


Anonymous said...

Nice...Great....:((((....and what is with us EU/USA????

Namco finally gives the rights to Hanbit and although all

Danny said...

Are there any negotiations between you and Namco/Bandai? Is there at least a litte hope, that we can play HGL in EU/US again?

Also: Thanks for the update!

Goddi73 said...

Thank you for the clear statement.
I hope Hanbit will meet with Namco and give us back our HGL in EU/US.

Greatings from Germany:-)

Spy said...

why are there no negotiations
between Hanbitsoft and Namco Bandai?

Is it better to buy an used
account for the Korea-Server
(with KSSN)?
I thought this is maybe illegal.
And if this is realy illegal.
Why are there many people from EU/US
that bought an Account.
And already play on the Korea-Server!
But nothing happens!!
No IP-Ban! Nothing.

Should we get Hellgate back this way?


nugar said...

If Namco holds the publishing rights for the US\Europe markets why don't Hanbit open up servers here in Australia or elsewhere that Namco don't have the publishing rights, and allow those of us in Australia, US and Europe access to those servers.

hans said...

Now after 2 Month!
What realy happend?
Why Hanbitsoft dont buy the publishing rights for eu/us?
What are we (the Fans) worth,Hanbitsoft?

Whats going on?
We need to play Hellgate London again!!!!!
Here are many loyal Players and
after 2 Months of nothing.
I can only say that we are very disapointed of whats going on.

How long should we wait before Hanbitsoft buys the publishing rights.
How long?
How long?

The whole Situation is horrible!!
Nothing that gives us a liitle bit of hope :(


Greetings from Germany

on3fr3akzoid said...

this was just another kick in the face,really great to se hellgate rocks in korea.NOT!!!
I was a super fan og hellgate,it was the only real mmorpg where you felt power in you char and mobs worth fighting ,all other mmorpg i tryed was so borring,i mean how wants to fight a little dum pig ore wolf for 15 min witf a plastik sword/arrow shooter.For GOD sake give us in EU/US a chance to play the game againe. greatings from denmark