Sunday, October 26, 2008

HanbitSoft Gains HGLD & Mythos IP

Hellgate and Mythos Both in HanbitSofts Hands

HanbitSoft now owns both Hellgate: London, online action RPG and Mythos, casual MMORPG, once used to be developed by Flagship Studios. HanbitSoft now acquires IP (Intellectual Property) including the engines and source codes of both well made titles.

This means that HanbitSoft is now the owner of all the titles that Flagship Studios had been working on, and both titles will be developed in newly established studio in the U.S. HanbitSoft expects that full possession of these titles will not only bring them larger portion of the earnings but also upgrade the quality of contents fit for online games.

HanbitSoft had constantly tried to gain the IP of two titles after Flagship Studios shutdown. The company announced recently that the regarding issues are now all settled, and only thing left is to focus on developing the titles the best way possible.

“Hellgate: London is now HanbitSoft’s game, and we have already formed a team. They are doing hard work for updates and patches. Service in Asia including Korea is in good hands” said Gi-Young Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “I believe Mythos is a very attractive MMORPG, just gaining large fans from couple of beta tests. It has a lot of potential and it will also be developed at studio in San Francisco with Hellgate: London. Both titles will be presented soon with upgraded features.”


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

I hope Hanbitsoft does not decide to exclude the US and European markets from Hellgate: London's future. I think there are PLENTY of potential players in the English speaking markets who would gladly wish to continue playing Hellgate: London.

Just from viewing the American Hellgate: London website, there is a high level of enthusiasm for Hanbitsoft choosing to continue to develop and support Hellgate: London. However, that same level of enthusiasm is met with dismay since there appears to be no intention to cater beyond the Korean market.

As an astute American Hellgate: London fan myself, I am gravely concerned as to what is going to happen with my favorite online game.

Jeronach said...

Please do not ignore the U.S. and E.U. player base. I am a Founder with this game and would very much like to keep playing it online. I know that there are many others who feel the same. Please do not abandon us.

Really said...

As a customer who purchased the "Founder's Offer" I hope Hanbit will continue to support the US/EU markets. To focus exclusively on Asia with a game created in the West seems rather unfair.

Shayagor said...

I too am a founder and I join my fellow HGLers and hope to see the game developed in NA and EU.

I have had too much fun with the game and have always been aware of its potential and would be thrilled to know more about the future plans of HGL and us.

Todd said...

I too am greatly concerned over the apparent intention by HanbitSoft to exclude any non-Korean players of HG:L.

Furthermore, HanbitSoft's complete lack of communication with the non-Korean playerbase certainly does not bode well for EU/US HG:L fans and certainly does nothing to help alleviate some of the damage that has already been done to the community.

Not that I expect any response from HanbitSoft given their apparent total dismissal of anyone not of Korean citizenship, but I have to question both their ethics and business sense in such a seemingly incongruous move.

Lee said...

I too am a Founder, and would find it rather disappointing to see both the US/Europe players restricted from playing HG:L. Here's hoping that Hanbitsoft will reconsider and allow both the player bases access to HG:L as soon as possible

Aneece said...

Bring this back to the USA!

j123456789 said...

Hello Hanbitsoft! Are you my new found life saver??? I sure hope so : ) Let me start off by wishing you all the luck possible with the HGL IP. It is a very good diamond in the rough.

I am a US player/founder and would just like to say that I would very much like to see Hanbitsoft continue to support the game in the US/EUROPE/EVERYWHERE!!!!! I am a founder and I enjoy the ability to say that, but I would gladly give that up to continue my character and game if it meant being able to play HGL. It would be great though if true founders from when FSS owned the IP could be honored still.

What you now own is a piece of property that can be turned into a pure profit machine. This game can be so much BIGGER than it is now and if you guys play your cards right (that means do the best you can) you will see a very good return on this property.

If your intentions are to never support any other market other than Korea, could you please make a formal announcement about that, so I can make my peace with HGL. I've put alot of time and effort into this game and it is the only MMO type game I would ever subscribe to. WOW is lame and with the right touch - you can take away from that fan base!

Best wishes!

j123456789 said...

Just another post to say that I think it is AWESOME that you guys are rolling the Halloween event back out on the Korean server. If I can't get support and continued development for the game in the US, can I get a job with your company and moving allowance so I can move to Korea just to play HGL!?

That's a joke, but it shows how strongly the rest of the world feels about HGL. We love it!

tittlywinks said...

Please keep the US alive! Beta-tester and still here, love the game. There is nothing at all like it.

kapeee said...

Please dont forget the EU / US Player.
We love this Game! We will pay for this Game!

Sundrako said...

I'am a Founder (Lifetime Abo) and a Guildleader from a Guild with about 55 Members, and i speak for me and my members, please don't let the game go down in EU or America. We play this game since it came out , and we all stay to 100% behind the game and the idea of it. Plesae don't forget us, and let us play this beautiful game.
Nice Greetings

Ikarus said...

Dear Hanbitsoft!

I'am a member of the Guild "Heer der Finsternis" (short Hdf) and we are the richest (and I think also one of the greatest) guilds in europe. I speak for every member of our guild when I say: "PLEASE DON'T FORGET US!"

We love Hellgate London

Musichead said...

Hey, poeple, don't forget Mythos!! And certainly don't forget EU and NA (: !!
Mythos was a great game, even in the beta!

Please unterstand. Bye.

Jenonymous said...

Another US Founder/BetaPerson here. Please keep the servers and the game alive in the US! We're here for you!

j123456789 said...

"I called them and after a few dozen menu options A very nice lady Spoke pretty good english came on.

I asked her about the big shutdown and why couldn't they sell or keep open servers. She put me on hold (but not really hold Sorta Like a Mute but wasnt working. I heard in the back ground a man speaking.

The Woman came back on basicly repeating the speech Tiggs gave us. The Na/Eu servers will be coming down on jan 31st. She also Implied the Game Cost to run was to high. I did my best to pry out why the game can't be sold or given to Hanbitsoft. She paused again and heard the guy in the background again. Then came back and Told me that Hanbitsoft was offered but did not want to take servers for NA/EU region. I heard a Man Strictly Tell her not to give out such information. She quickly told the man sorry and Told me basicly thanks for calling Namco and have a nice day.

Anyone else try. Looks like its the truth folks."

So Product Manager of HGL for Hanbitsoft - is the above statement true?

Anonymous said...

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