Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Experience HELL again


Many of you may heard about the sad news of Flagship's shutdown.

But the good news is that Hellgate will go on with the new crew. HanbitSoft announced that T3 Entertainment recruited some of the best developers from Flagship Studios, Blizzard and formed a team with developers of their own. They will be carrying on where the last crew left off.

Hellgate also decided to go partly FREE in Korea. Don't be too excited. It's not ALL FREE.

Act1 and Act2 is open for everyone who wants to experience Hellgate, and only players who choose go on are asked to pay. HanbitSoft introduced various types of price models with a huge bargain, up to 67% OFF at most!
Just wait for the Hellgate's Comeback.
You'll be more than surprised!!


ether said...

what's the word for the US/EU subscriber base? will there be any support for the single play portion of the game or has that fallen by the wayside? if hanbit offers no support for the single player portion of the game is it fair to consider it abandonware? what can you tell us about hanbit's vision of hellgate's future? are we going to see more asian content or will hanbit be sticking with the european themes? will hanbit enable the content already IN hellgate or solely be adding new content?

j123456789 said...

Long live HGL! Hanbitsoft continue the support of HGL worldwide! It will pay off 1000 fold in the end!!!!