Sunday, October 26, 2008


Granado Espada Announced a new version GE 3.1

GE brought up a new sensation to the core GE fans with 3.0 version update last August, revealing high level contents in two and a half years. This very recent version is quite different from the last one. This update focused on contents for light players who don't have much time to sit for MMORPG. The ideas were adopted by the requests from the players, which concentrates on "convenience" than "entertainment" features.

The main update is the "GEMOCON", the web control system which stands for "GE Remote Control". This is a system that will let you check how your character is doing, whether it's dead, or doing hunting while you're out. You can do it everywhere, where there is internet. You can also chat with other players through this system which will allow you to strengthen your community activity online.

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