Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GE 3.0

GE is BACK with 3.0 UPDATE!
Check out the first highlevel region, weapons and skills
update in a year!

Granado Espada is back with a whole new world. 3.0 is all about .

The new region "Errac" and new recruitable NPCs takes place in the time ages and ages before the new civilization began, and focus on solving the mysteries of unsolved problems. 3.0 update also strengthened the main scenario, and let you explore the advantures.
You can experience both traditional GE and newly born GE at the same time. The best news about 3.0 update is that it's for high level players who had been craving for higher level contents. For more than a year, GE had to concentrate ensuring low and middle level contents for majority, but this time the developers took a chance.
This time, you can explore very strong and very new weapons with different skills.
Remember. They're really really strong.^^
But dont worry beginners. GE has now new experience point system that will allow to speed up your level-up.
Just be patient, then you can enjoy these stuff in no time~

GE also opened up bran new server called "Errac" for those who want to start GE all over again.
Beginners are also welcome.

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paulvr173cm said...

Where can I find more info about 3.0?