Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Camon Hero Starts 1st CBT Today
From July 30th to August 5th!!

HanbitSoft announced that Camon Hero, Card summoning MMORPG developed by T3Entertainment, is starting its first closed beta test through HanbitOn today until 5th of August.

Camon Hero is a MMORPG which is mainly about heroes(characters) fighting against monsters with cards. Camon Hero is revealing over 10thousand items, 700 kinds of different monsters, and 100 different maps with fields and dungeons. The amount of contents is the largest in online game history to be open in the first closed beta test. Players will be able to explore diverse modes and systems without any level limits.


usagii said...

Sorry, I don't understand Korean. Please be excused if I put this question in the wrong place. I really want to know the answer about Groove Party (Korean version). May I ask Korean Groove Party Server has been closed due to maintenance or it is closed permanently. Thanks your official reply in advance.

Janelle said...

Hi, Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for the late reply. Groove Party has been closed in Korea temporarily for reasons, and the game no longer belongs to HanbitSoft. However, the developer ZNE Entertainment is seeking for new partner to continue their journey. ZNE and HanbitSoft are still partners in oversea services such as China and Taiwan, however I'm afraid I'm no longer the person in place to tell you about Groove Party in Korea. I hope this answered your questions. Please stop by more often for other news! Thanks!!^^

Gonzalo said...

I did try that game when was with the name "Orka Online" and was in english handled by Gamengame
Its an AWESOME game, but gamengame not was a good server, always offline and that stuff.
I hope that some english company get the rights for publish in english again.