Sunday, January 13, 2008

HGLD festival summary

Hellgate: London Open Festival Summary

Seoul, Korea (January 13, 2008) – HanbitSoft today announced that launch party for Hellgate: London had been a great success.

Over two thousand guests filled the scene. People who wanted to get in first came six hours before the entrance time, in snowy weather. HanbitSoft’s staff in charge of the festival had to let the people in 30minuties before schedule because of cold, snowy weather.

Hellgate: London Launch Festival began on time with Bill Roper, CEO of Flagship Studios and Alex Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft performing ‘the very first log-in” show. After the show, Bill Roper himself came up to the stage and made a presentation on Stonehenge Episode which will be added after the open beta. Later, Eric Liu and Jin Kim of Flagship Studios made introduction. Eric is International Producer who communicates with International producers of Asian partners, and Jin is Korean concept artist who works on Hellgate: London.

In the second half of the show, Korean musicians Girls Generation, Yunha and DJ DOC performed. Bill Roper also came up the stage and performed to thank the fans who made to the festival.

On January 12th, Bill Roper also had a meeting with his fan gamers at HanbitSoft conference room. There, he talked about Hellgate: London, and further more about the game industry with his fans. “I had a really good time with our fans. They are so mature, and their depth of understanding the game just surprises me all the time,” said Bill Roper, “I was moved when one of the gamers made presentation on Hellgate: London in English.”

Despite hard schedule, Bill visited one of internet cafes after servers for pre open of Hellgate: London opened at four. He requested to visit internet café while he’s in Korea during the pre-open service to see players playing Hellgate: London for himself. “I understand how internet café industry is important in Korean online game industry” said Bill Roper, and added “like Starcraft contributed to booming the internet café culture and economy, HanbitSoft and Flagship Studio will make Hellgate: London the next legendary title that boosts the whole industry.”

Hellgate: London had its pre-open beta yesterday, January 12th, for 24hours to run the final check before its grand opening on January 15th.

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