Sunday, January 13, 2008

Girl Generation vs Yunha

Girls Generation vs Yunha at Hellgate Launching Festival

Seoul, Korea- January 13, 2008- Korea’s one of most popular singing group and a well known global star each performed at the Hellgate: London Launching Festival last Friday, January 11th, in Seoul.

During Hellgate: London’s Launching Festival, Girls Generation and Yunha were asked which their favorite character is in Hellgate: London. Their different answers caught the attention to the audiences and it is now in hot topics.

“We like to play games in our spare time, and we are always excited to know the new titles that are out there” said Girls Generation, “In Hellgate: London, our favorite is Templar.”

On the other hand, “I don’t really know what the name is, but I like the one with a tattoo on its shoulders” said Yunha. The character she picked out which she meant by Cabalist, was her favorite.

Strangely enough to believe it was a coincidence, but both character classes they chose reflects on their features right now. Girls Generation is formed by nine members and Templars, fight the best when they fight in groups. They both need team work and strategy to bring out their potentials.

Yunha, a solo singer chose Cabalist which uses healers and various kinds of sorcery and usually works alone. They too share some common features in their fields.

“We saw the movie trailer while we were waiting back stage, and it was awesome” said Girls Generation, “It was like blockbuster movie. We can’t wait for Hellgate: London’s open beta. We will definitely try it later.”

HanbitSoft announced that pre-open service of Hellgate: London that had been on for 24hours since yesterday was closed today with out any server or network problems. Hellgate: London will begin open beta service on January 15th, according to the schedule.

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