Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hellgate: London Celebrates Open Beta

Hellgate: London Celebrates the Grand Open

Seoul, Korea (January 11, 2008) – HanbitSoft today announced that Hellgate: London starts its pre-open beta service on January 12th.

Hellgate: London is starting its pre-open beta tomorrow for 24hours to run the final check before its grand opening on January 15th. Pre-open service will be a great chance for players who want to create their characters as soon as possible, which will be available after the official open. Sooner you create, better name you can get. Players can create up to 24 characters, and HanbitSoft will choose the ones who have the most unique character names present Hellgate: London figure.

HanbitSoft also revealed the latest play movie and preview trailer of Stonehenge Episode, the biggest update after the open beta. Stonehenge is the extensive land outside the ruined London city, where it has stronger community features than any other areas. Stonehenge asks for more players for more party plays, and more repeatable play is supported which provides better experience of Hellgate: London as online game. Stonehenge will be updated in mid January in North America and Europe, and February in Korea.

Before the pre-open service, HanbitSoft is opening a grand launching Festival tonight in Seoul. Bill Roper, CEO of Flagship Studios, Eric Liu, International Producer and Jin Kim, Graphic Artist is joining the party and popular music artists Girls Generation, Yunha, and DJ DOC are also invited to the event for performance.

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