Tuesday, October 9, 2007

MYTHOS: Teaser Site Open Today

HanbitSoft Opens Teaser Site for Mythos

Most Recent Updates, Newly Released Movies and Screen Shots All Available

Seoul, Korea – October 9th 2007 – HanbitSoft today announced that teaser site for Mythos has opened this afternoon.

Inside the teaser site, HanbitSoft is offering various corners to get in touch with the gamers who are eager to know more about Mythos. There are corners such as ‘News Corner’ for sharing updates, ‘Game Info.’ for learning the world of Mythos and how to play. ‘Community’ and ‘Download’ for sharing newly released movies and screen shots are also available. Through these, gamers will be able to meet with various contents ahead than from anywhere else.

Mythos is an online MMORPG developed by Flagship Seattle, the subsidiary of Flagship Studios. It is counted as the most anticipated online game of the year along with Hellgate: London.

Meanwhile, Mythos has released new screen shots on Bloodletter’s new skill called Slicing Dervish. You can also see them at Mythos’ teaser site at

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