Monday, October 8, 2007

HGLD limited edition ON SALE KOREA


Limited Edition Hits Sale in Korea
Exclusively made Figures, Making Film, Original Sound Track DVD all in One Package

Seoul, Korea - October 9, 2007 – HanbitSoft today announced that HELLGATE: LONDON’s limited edition, exclusively made for the PC will hit sale in Korea.

The limited edition includes not only the game install client, but also especially made DVD of making film and original sound track, exclusively made figures, comics, and poster and more. The Korean version of limited edition shares the same contents as Collector’s Edition, currently in pre-sale in North America and Europe, except it has figures in addition. Game itself and every thing in the package will be in Korean, either dubbed or in subtitles.

HanbitSoft has also released out part of the movie that will be included in the package. Dubbed in Korean, this movie shares the untold story of HELLGATE: LONDON. HELLGATE: LONDON movies inside the game will take a huge part out of the whole story.

For now, HanbitSoft announced that the price and the ship date for the Korean version of limited edition is not yet decided, however they will be officially announced very soon. Meanwhile, the company announced that first Closed Beta Test in Korea was finished very successfully, and the next test schedule will be released in the short future.

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