Monday, October 15, 2007

Press Release: POPOMING gets Good Credits for Originality

POPOMING Gains Good Credit for its Originality

Seoul, Korea – October 15th, 2007 – HanbitSoft announced today that POPOMING successfully finished its first Closed Beta Test.

POPOMIG is an online casual RPG that HanbitSoft targeted mainly for kids. POPOMING is a new project developed at JoyImpact by veteran developers, whom they are known for Tantra, WYD2FC, and NeoSteam. POPOMING is set in future at Bugi Bugi Island, and its main storyline is the main characters fighting against Dr. Frank who invades their island.

HanbitSoft started the first Closed Beta Test for POPOMING last Friday, and it was closed on Sunday. For four days, users were able to experience unique features of the game.

There are three characters, wizard ‘Ara’, Elf ‘Chiro’ and Robot ‘Roy’. Normally, we hardly can see any game starting the Closed Beta Test with only three characters; however POPOMING didn’t matter because of its transforming system. Transformation system is what POPOMING makes so original. With the transforming system, one character can turn into 25 different characters. Each transformed character has its own features which makes it totally different from one another.

Through POPOMING’s first Closed Beta Test, HanbitSoft presented three characters, unique maps with various concepts like ‘Transforming Magic School’, ‘Factory for Broken Toys’ and so on. Because the game is so focused on its main target gamers, POPOMING has educational features too. Instead of violent weapons like swords and guns, characters in POPOMING fight with weapons like pillows and dolls. When the gamer loses to a monster, the monster shouts out phrases like “You are not good enough for me. Go do your homework first, and challenge me then! Hahaha~”

Participated testers commented that they enjoyed experiencing the transforming system the most, and simple control system was another feature that made them easy to enjoy.

“We are happy to announce that the Closed Beta Test for POPOMING has ended successfully” said Alex Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “We will listen to feedbacks very carefully, and consider our next step in developing.”

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