Monday, September 7, 2009

What's new?

Dear visitors of Game Espresso

Hi guys
This is Janelle. Long time no see, huh!?!
I was really really busy with taking care of things here in Korea, and didn't have much time to update the news for you guys. Please forgive me for my laziness.

Now that I have a new assistant, I will make sure to share the fresh news with you all.

Since May, we had many things going on.

First of all, Mythos had its first closed beta test in Korea. The test was called 'World Preview Test'. We opened zone1 and introduced newly developed world of Uld. Testers' responses were mostly positive, but some wanted the old version of what it used to look like last year during the beta service in the US. We announced that second beta test is going to be in a month or two.
I will let you know when the actual schedule gets announced.

Another big event was the launch of Hellgate: London's 1.5Patch. We had a little systematic problems here and there, but its doing just fine now. Every content is open for free during the weekends. This promotion will last pretty long I think. There isn't any other update schedules for near future.

I know many of you visit my blog for HGLD and Mythos news. But we have many other games that are just as fun and amazing and exciting! So just give it a try and peak at some other posts too. ^^

From now on, I will make sure to let you know details of our news.



Fight for Hellgate EU/US said...

Hi Janelle,
please understand that we all want to know when the Hellgate Servers will return to EU/US!!!!

Informations about other Hanbit Games?
We dont need that!

But what we realy need ,after 7Months,is our Hellgate Multiplayer.

Buy the publishing rights for EU/US.

The person who is responsible for the publishing rights EU/US is still ignoring us.
Thanks Zack Karlsson(senior director of buisness development;
Namco US)

When will we get Hellgate back?
This is the only important Question for us.

So what about an answer?

t41 said...

Please consider allowing non-Korean
citizens to create an account and
purchase a subscription to play
Hellgate London on the Korean server.
There are many outside of Korea who
would like to participate and need
no special accomodation from
Hanbitsoft to subscribe and play the
game on the Korean server, if they were allowed to set up an account
with Hanbitsoft.

cinderboy said...

Glad to see you posting again, Janelle ~!!!

CasS said...

Forget about to see those games un EU/US in one/two year(s). Korean videogame market is just so closed... boring. I hope Runic Games make something better with their project.

Thanks for keeping us updated Janelle!

Stephen said...


According to NSY, there seems to have been some complications regarding the Hellgate: London development agreement between Red Bana USA and Hanbitsoft. Do you think it is possible that you could shed some light on this situation?

There is a lot of speculation in the community that Hanbitsoft has had to relocate the development team for Hellgate: London because Redbana was not taking the development seriously due to the displacement from Korea.

As a result, the recent content update for Hellgate: London was missing several items that which should have been added to the game long ago (I.E. The Abyss Chronicles).

If you could find out anything besides what NSY has revealed on his development blog, it would be greatly appreciated!


Also, there has been a small rumor floating around that the real reason Hanbitsoft hasn't been able to market Hellgate: London out of Korea is due to the global economic crises, they cannot afford the price Namco is asking for as well as the costs associated with marketing Hellgate: London outside of Korea at the moment. If this is the truth to the matter, it would be understandable and also appreciated if you could at least hint towards this matter. Others may not take such an admission as kindly, but I think it would do Hanbitsoft some good will and also end the mystery regarding Hellgate's disappearance outside of Korea.

CasS said...

Now we can see how much Hanbitsoft cares about EU/US, the only source of information about your games for us and the last update in Spetember...

nugar said...

Rumors abound that Hanit have/are acquiring the publishing right for the US and elsewhere from Namco, but a confirmation about this from Janelle wouldn't go astray. Even if she can't officially say anything a hint would do.