Thursday, May 14, 2009

HanbitSoft Speeds up Oversea Expansion

HanbitSoft Inc. announced today that the company started to accelerate overseas expansion with its new titles, and that they have more unannounced titles ready to launch this year.

The company has been launching new titles since last December, and that they are ready to go abroad.

AIKA Online Advances into Taiwan, North America and Japan

AIKA Online, a massive battle MMORPG developed by Joy Impact, started its open beta last December, and successfully positioned as well made MMORPG in Korean market. Currently the game succeeded in advancing into Taiwan, North America and Japan.
The game will be distributed to North American gamers by Gala-Net, Inc., and to Japan by Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment this fall. HanbitSoft announced that several other oversea plans are in process right now, and that they are going very well so far. The company hopes to advance into more than 5 regions in the first half of this year.
“Unlike other new MMORPGs with heavy clients, AIKA Online has a light client of only 300MB” said Ki Young KIM, CEO of HanbitSoft, and added “We believe AIKA has more potential in insuring more wide and diverse gamers than most other MMORPGs. We will strengthen its competitive power and make this game globally popular.”

Audition2 Advances into Indonesia
(Below is the image from Auditon)

HanbitSoft announced May 7th, 2009 that AUDITION2 will be serviced in Indonesia by PT.Megaxus InfoTech. Auditon2 is the second serious of Audition, the most popular online rhythm dance game with over 150 million subscribers world-wide.
T3 Entertainment is developing Audition2 strictly privately, and nothing specific about the game has yet been revealed. HanbitSoft explained that this latest contract is only the beginning of the games oversea expansion, and that the company is making progress in multiple discussions concerning advancing other regions.

Other New Titles to Go

HanbitSoft also has many other plans for more new titles.

Spike Girls, online kickball game, CAMON HERO, a card collecting MMORPG had also been launched this spring. The company plans to take more aggressive actions with making expansion to overseas with those titles. HanbitSoft also has unrevealed titles that are in development.

HanbitSoft also opened developers note page on Korean offical website of Mythos last month. Mythos is currently developed by T3, and will be introduced pretty soon. HanbitSoft has not mentioned about schedule for oversea service, but stated that the game is being reconstructed to become globally popular.

There will also be more new MMORPGs, Trolling Game planned to be launched this year.


Namco Hater said...

We need none of these!!!!!
All what we want is the Hellgate Multiplayer.
And thats all!!!
Forget about Games like CAMON HERO



TruthSeeker said...

took the words out of my mouth

Stephen said...

Indeed... Camon Hero and the rest of those games utterly pale in comparison to Hellgate.

I wonder what Namco is waiting for...

Namco Hater said...

How much money is needed for the
eu/us publishing rights?
Should we spend some money?
So Hanbitsoft can buy them.

It is very boring to wait.
How long should we wait?

Why Hanbitsoft dont buy the publishing rights for eu/us?
To earn money ,you need to invest money ;)

We need the Hellgate London Multiplayer back.
And we need our Chars back,please.
There were such a great ingame community.
And we all wait for the return of the multiplayer part.
and wait,and wait.....

Greetings from Germany

TruthSeeker said...

keep in mind namco bandi says it dont hold such rights...

so why is Hanibitsoft not digitally selling getting around the alleged rights?

NamcoHater said...

Trust me!
Namco is not telling the truth!!!
And thats the truth.

So the Petition from Eric666 is wrong!Every word in the Petition makes no sense.
Sorry!But this a fact

Namco Bandai US is still holding the publishing rights for eu/us.
Since the Servershutdown on January 31st i collect every information i can get.

Why Namco says that they dont own the publishing rights?
Thats a good Question.
So i decide that i will never buy a product from namco again

Beasskiller said...

Hard words here ^^
but me too hehe Janelle kik your boss in the Ass say make a million clear and buy this fucking rights^^

Stephen said...

Possible reasons:

-Namco will only sell the license if Hanbit purchases all of the unsold games that Namco probably had to take back.

-Namco wants to keep a share of Hellgate's proceeds in NA, EU and JP if Hanbit re-opens Shulgoth & Sydonai.

-Namco may just want too much money.

Regardless... the whole thing stinks of money. I don't think there's any hard feelings between Namco & Hanbit over Flagship's demise.

Joe said...

Bring back Hellgate multi player to the U.S. and EU.

Popi said...

What did happen with the blog? THe blog have been a little stopped...

Beasskiller said...

Janelle what have we done no news no comments think we are a litlle stupid^^ we wannt hellgate back ^^but your comments are iterestet me so come on give us news please

CasS said...

We want an update please!

Thank you for keeping us updated!

Rambunctius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rambunctius said...

Hell yes, lets get it figured out and charge us money to let us play the game, hell I'm getting itchy fingers just waiting to plop down my american dollars to get my fix, I loved this game and would love to see it back, hopefully with my old characters.
Help! LOL Rambunctius

Anonymous said...

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