Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HGLD Update News

Here's some good news to those who've been craving for Hellgate: London updates.
The message was officially released out to Asian partners(/publishers of Hellgate: London), but I thought you might be interested too! (click image for better view)


Stephen said...


In light of the recent news update for Hellgate: London that you have posted, I am curious to know why there continues to be news updates for Hellgate: London in the English language. It is to my understanding that the English market will not be able to play Hellgate: London's future updates online or offline come the end of January next year. I would just like to know what purpose the English news serves. Is it for industry-specific reasons or to inform Korean gamers who speak English as their main language and Korean as a second language?

And also, if it is possible, is there any sliver of hope that Hellgate fans outside of Korea may be able to experience the new and improved Hellgate: London sometime down the road after the end of January?

I understand that there may be legal reasons as to why there have been mixed messages coming from both Hanbitsoft and Namco-Bandai. Nevertheless, it would at least make myself and my fellow Hellgate: London fans feel a sense of closure if you could at least give us a hint as to if there is any point in continuing to watch the current and upcoming news regarding Hellgate: London.

I'll greatly appreciate your response,

- Stephen, one of the biggest American Hellgate: London Guardian fans

Ted P. Carosio said...

I am also curious as to why the updates are in English. Although American English is considered the International English model, it does not seem rational that there be updates in English.

Could you please shed some light on whether or not there will be hope for those of us in the US and EU?

A lot of us have put a lot of faith into the developers behind this game, and would love to see the legacy continue.

Bestiya said...


I'm from Europe and still waiting for some news regarding HG:L here now in 2009 :) So - need I start to learn Korean to be able to still continue to play this great game or.. ? :D