Wednesday, December 3, 2008

AIKA's new Trailer


Seoul, Korea - December 4, 2008 – HanbitSoft today released a preview trailer of massive war MMORPG AIKA ONLINE(hereinafter AIKA). The Trailer of AIKA focuses on massive wars, which is one of the core systems in the game. It is highly noted from the fact that the scenes of the massive war was taken from the actual battle during the last closed beta test. Watching the trailer, gamers can pre-experience the thrill of being in the largest battle field in online game history.

HanbitSoft announced last week that AIKA will be starting open beta service on December 18th, and showed no fear of being part of the recent struggles of MMORPGs. The company added that after the announcement many greedy foreign buyers have been calling to set up meeting for AIKA, which leads to good possibility of success in oversea as well.

“AIKA is the one and only MMORPG that manages massive war of 1000 vs 1000. It’s the largest scale in online game history, and gamers will be blown away by its excitement” said Yoora Kim, Online Business Director of HanbitSoft, and added “AIKA’s unique features are strong, and we are not afraid of any competition.”

Before the open beta, AIKA opens its upgraded official website on 5th and reveals its feature information in details.


Lee said...

seiging looks fun.

thedollmaster said...

yah, i have waited for this one and last december 16-17 pre-open i able to create and the 18th i able to play the open beta and the games is now getting good... i like playing it.