Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More about GRAND MER!!

For many years, the earth suffered from severe global warming and long heavy rains and eventually in the year 2108, the earth was covered by a grand ocean and became NEOCEAN WORLD.

After few decades later, the unusual weather cooled down, and lands that had sunk over the years started to appear again. Humans called them NEWTERRA, and began settling in the new land. However it was too early to cultivate or hunt, so humans had to depend on fishery to survive. In this age, race and nationally don’t matter. Only those clubs that fish the best become rich and powerful. That made clubs to battle for the good fishing points where many large species inhabit, and to win the battle, clubs have invented better Trolling equipments and techniques. They call the best angler in NEOCEAN, the LORDAN. All the anglers are fighting to become LORDAN, for wealth and reputation. Are you ready to become the LORDAN?


SEX: Male
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 177cm

Roy is from a very small, isolated island. He lost his father by great white shark attack. He wants to become the LORDAN and kill the great white shark, the largest species in NEOCEAN, for revenge. He is young and confident. But he has a temper that makes him fish with his power, not techniques. When he loses a fish, he loses his temper too.
SEX: Female
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 170cm

Stellars dad used to be a powerful club leader, but now new club owns their spot. She keeps entering the tournaments to win her dads glory back. She is live and optimistic. She’s weaker than many other anglers, but she pulls off great techniques that were taught from her dad.
(There are 6characters so far, but only these two are open to play in the up-coming test)

Players can accessorize their characters with various Glasses, Tops, Pants and more.

GRAND MER has various kinds of boats from normal to futuristic. Players can buy them at in-game Boat Shop with game money (Pearl) that they obtained through fishing. Only standard boat is open this time.

There are also various kinds of equipments like fishing rods, reels, lures and etc. (These are not included in first CBT.)

Every map in GRAND MER has its own unique concept. Fishing games provide similar maps that have different names, so players can’t really tell the difference between one another. In GRAND MERs uniquely created maps, players will be able to feel the cultural essence of each country. In first closed beta test, players will meet with five fascinating maps.

Mantra Sea
It is a historical site of ancient China, where people used to pray for their wishes. It’s called for place of prayers.

Matryoshka Sea
It used to be an industrial area in old Siberia. Most of glacier melted down by global warming, but remaining iceberg became an island. It has low population because of the cold temperature.

Shogun Sea
It’s the only remaining island of old Japanese islands. People built a statue of Shogun to honor the ancient ancestors.

Fishing System

1. Move by Boat Get on the boat, and go to place where you want to fish.

2. Casting Throw out the lure into the water with the casting key on your keyboard.

3. Fighting When a fish bites your lure, pull the rod and wind up the line. When fish is too strong, loosen up the line to avoid from being cut.

4. Landing If you were successful in fighting, take the fish out of the water.

5. Supply When you’re done fishing, find a Supplying Dock in the mini map. Go to the place and register your fish.

There have been lots of online fishing games, but gamers shouldn’t expect same from GRAND MER. With GRAND MER gamers will be able to have a whole different experience. GRAND MER will offer them indescribable thrill and excitement of Trolling with extraordinary effects and unique features. Developed by veterans who have been focusing only on fishing games for 10 years, GRAND MER will present the decisive charm of playing online fishing game. Its first closed beta test begins on April 17th in Korea.

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