Tuesday, April 21, 2009


CAMON HERO, a highly anticipated online Card Collection MMORPG developed by T3 Entertainment Corp., revealed large scale update for high-level players.

CAMON HERO raised its highest level limit from level 32 to 50. Players who had gone through ‘Secondary Occupation Change’ can now meet with new items of higher level. When players reach to level 50, they have to go through another occupation change, and receive ultimate property card for the first time. New items include weapons, various accessories, and more than 100 kinds of new solider & skill cards such as ‘Chaotic Witch Card’ and ‘Shermasty Card’.

CAMON HERO also opened new areas. Players are encouraged to battle stronger monsters from 40 new areas of ‘Meta D Force’ and ‘Vical’. There will be new 40 level BB (Bulletin Board) contents for high level players. CAMON HERO’s unique feature, Card Book, has also begun its first season with new card book point items. Players will be able to get them by taking card book points from collecting cards.

For more information, visit CAMON HERO’s Korean official website at

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