Thursday, February 5, 2009

Spike Girls Starts OBT!!

Spike Girls Starts Open Beta Service in Korea

Seoul, Korea - February 6, 2009 – HanbitSoft, Inc. announced today that online character sports game Spike Girls had started its open beta service in Korea.

Updates for first trial gamers

Spike Girls began its open beta on 5th in Korea with various new updates. Many new skills were updated for low level users to high level users, and tutorial system had been strengthened since the last closed beta.

Spike Girls fans have been urging the development department to upgrade the control system so that first trial gamers can easily adapt to the game. These requests have been applied to the game, showing the whole new game features such as ‘challenge mode’ and ‘replay system’. Challenge mode is for new gamers who are afraid to play against other gamers.

Through playing in challenge mode, gamers can play the game with the computer and practice without any pressure of loosing. Replay system is for gamers who want to see how they played during the last game. By using replay system, the player can easily find out what mistakes were made.

About Spike Girls
Spike Girls is an online character sports game developed by Movon. With Spike Girls, gameers can play kickball with cute teenage girls. Players who don’t know the rules for kickball can also play without any difficulty. There are various kinds of modes that can be chosen by preference, and varieties of special items are set up for those who want to dress up the characters.

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