Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Which Celebrity looks like Spike Girls Characters?

Do you remeber Spike Girls?

Spike Girls is an online kick ball game. Kick ball is better known as a Guy Sport to most people, but in Spike Girls, pretty girls are the ones who play extreme kick ball.

There are four characters in Spike Girls.
Yuna is one with long straight hair. She is energetic, playful character.
Shu is the one who seems shy.
Elis is the sexy one. She's tall, tough and sexy.
Dorothy is the mean one. She's a younger sister to Elis. She is selfish and likes to be alone.

Spike Girls had a survey in official website asking the gamers which celebrities these characters look alike. Gamers chose Yon Ye Jin for Yuna, Moon Gun Young for Shu, Han Chae Young for Elis and So Hee for Dorothy. Take a look at the photos and see if you feel the same! ^^

Spike Girls is going on open beta service on February 5th.

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