Sunday, July 20, 2008


NEO STEAM Competes Against WOW on 1st Place of Taiwanese Top Game Portal Site

Seoul, Korea – June 26, 2008 – HanbitSoft today announced that steam punk RPG NEO STEAM is in commercial service with popular responses in Taiwan.NEO STEAM has started its commercial service on 19th of June, and achieved more than 25thousand CCPU in a week which is the number twice as big as the one from the closed beta test.

NEO STEAM at first began the service with 13 worlds, but had to add two more during its first week to manage rapidly increasing gamers.In one of Taiwans famous game portal site(, NEO STEAM now competes against WORLD of WARCRAFT on first place of the rank, and another game magazine reported that guidebook for NEO STEAM is very popular among the gamers.

"Around 7thousand copies of starters package are being sold every day at SEVEN-ELEVEN, and according to gamers, they have to visit 2~3 stores in a day just to get one package" said Howard Chang, Manager of NEO STEAM service at X-Legend Entertainment, and added "We are happy about the results so far. We will do our best to make this popularity long run."

HanbitSoft announced that the reasons for NEO STEAMs such success in Taiwan, are the international service know-how the company has learned through previous services in Japan and China, and preparation of sufficient contents for gamers to enjoy. HanbitSoft added that with X-Legend, both companies will put best effort on providing sustainable updates to bring satisfying service to Taiwanese gamers.

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