Monday, March 3, 2008



Seoul, Korea – February 29, 2008 – HanbitSoft today revealed latest movie trailer of introducing characters of MMORPG AIKA ONLINE(hereinafter AIKA).

AIKA released total four kinds of trailers which include three characters and PRAN. Three characters; Warrior, Sniper and Priest are the ones able to be played during the first closed beta test. Warrior is the fighter class who shows specialty in short range fights, and Sniper uses rifles in long ranges. Priest is character with spell powers.

Among six characters, three will be opened to play during the test, and the rest of the characters will be introduced during the second closed beta which is set to be operated in short future.

AIKA is inviting players to join the first official test right now, and the test will start on 6th of March for three days. During the test, AIKA will be mainly tested on Princess of Air Nymph(PRAN) System, and instant dungeon for few days, and lastly on massive battle which is the core featuring in the game.

AIKA is developed by JoyImpact, the veteran team who developed WYDFC2 and Tantra. AIKA had been revealed to public last year, during the early development at Gstar2006.

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