Sunday, December 9, 2007

Get Ready to Meet AIKA

HanbitSoft Announces New MMORPG, AIKA

Seoul, Korea – December 10, 2007 – HanbitSoft today announced future schedule for the premier MMORPG, AIKA.

HanbitSoft announced that AIKA is ready for the Focus Group Test which will start on December 18th and end on December 20th. The Focus Group Test will be operated with the members of Hanbit Game Testers, who have been chosen for tests of HanbitSoft games. They have participated to tests for Mythos and Takedown previously.

HanbitSoft will be collecting the feedbacks from testers who participate on AIKA’s first Focus Group Test, and share them during the Users Conference which will be held on the 20th, the last of the test.
At the Users Conference, HanbitSoft will be showing the new clips of recent movie trailer, and have a discussion time with the developers and the testers.

AIKA is developed by JoyImpact, the veteran team who developed WYDFC2 and Tantra. AIKA had been revealed to public last year, during the early development at Gstar2006. This will be the second time to be revealed officially to the public, only it is now ready for the real service.

HanbitSoft announced that AIKA is ready to be out, and will be announcing more updates very soon.

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